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  1. We do have power run inside the sea can at the camp so I may just have to keep mine on a tinder because between January and October it may only get used once or twice. The OEM battery was great, it could sit 5-6 months and still crank without it being in a tinder. If the first time I try to crank it after sitting for 4-6 months and it’s dead I’ll toss it and get another Yuasas battery.
  2. Normally I always buy OEM but based off 5200 reviews I decided to try this one out. I did order a Honda ignition switch though.
  3. Ended up ordered a new Honda ignition switch and a 12ah/235CCA AGM battery that’s the same dimensions as the one I removed. Thanks fellas! Wayne
  4. The Yuasa in it shows to be a 6.0ah battery. Any chance they make a larger capacity battery that’s the same size. 6ah is pretty small and if you ask me is not a cranking battery, normally cranking batteries are measured in CA or CCA not amp hours. Wayne
  5. Before going into work tonight I decided to pull all the front plastics off the bike to give me better access to all the harnesses and connections just behind the radiator. After doing so I figured I’d start at the ignition switch and work my way back. In the service manual it’s states that with the ignition switch in the on position I should have continuity between the Red/Black & Pink and between the Red & Black wires. Grab the meter and nothing between each group of wires. Started giggling and moving the key. Doing this gave me random continuity but with high resistances so that tells me the ignition switch is a problem. So I ended up splicing each group of wires together to bypass the key and plugged it in and still nothing but doing this blew the main 30amp fuse. So I took the splices apart and reattached them to the ignition switch and replaced the fuse. Tapped the ignition switch pretty hard against the frame, inserted the key and she’s ALIVE after having to use my jump box on the battery. Load tested the battery and it’s bad so a combination of a bad battery and bad ignition switch was the issue!! Glad it wasn’t anything major! Now with that said who makes the largest/best battery that fits in the factory location? The battery in it currently is a YTX14-BS Wayne
  6. Hows it going fellas, sorry i havnt been on much lately life is crazy right now and i literally don't have time to get on the computer. Well anyways as most of you know my Rancher is solely used for hunting. Last time i can it was Jan 2021. Its stored in a 40' seacan at the lease. This past weekend a member who is also very good friend of mine went up to the lease to do a little work. I asked him to use my bike since it hadnt been run since Jan. He got up there Friday afternoon and after fixing a water leaks he opened the seacan and got my bike out. He said it cranked right up and worked just fine the entire evening. Saturday afternoon he went to get on it again, turned the and when he hit the start button the dash lights dimmed. Him thinking the battery was dead he pulled his bike around to jump it. WELL.... he connected the cables to his bike and when going to attach the cables to mine he accidently hooked them up backward for a split second. Now when you turn the key on the bike does absolutely nothing. No dash lights, not fuel pump hum, no taillights, nothing works. I as mentioned above life is so busy right now i havnt has a chance to look at it much. I did check the battery and its good, the winch still works because thats connected directly to the battery. No fuses are blown either. I am getting power to the main 30amp fuse but thats as far as ive gotten to troubleshoot it. I know its hard for anyone to say whats wrong but anybody have something like that happen that could point me in the right direction? Im thinking because the bike ran Friday with no problem after sitting almost 6 months and acted like a dead battery the next im leaning towards a ground issue and him hooking up the jumper cables backwards may have cause this said ground wire to break completely killing the entire bike. Any Ideas? Wayne
  7. Yeah that was the old one. Maybe when I get back home with better service I’ll copy and paste the post to this site. Wayne
  8. Haha. After I finish everything else I want to do to the cart I plan to do HID projectors on the cart like the Rancher. The hard part with the cart is I’ll have to make the entire light housing first. Not sure how ima do it but I promise you one day I’ll have projectors on it! Wayne
  9. That’s the same charger must of us Club Car owners have. I’ll ask around! Great Price!! Ive actually been looking at upgrading to the Lester Summit 2 Charger. Wayne
  10. With moving into the new house, all this Covid crap & the plant i work at temporarily shutting down and them transferring us to there other local location which changed my travel time and my work schedule life has made for a very crazy year. Got a email from my original work location last week that we will NOT be starting up during the first quarter of 2021 so it looks like i have at least 3 more months before things return back to normal. Once back to normal i will be breaking ground on building a 35X35 detached garage at the new house! This picture was taken right after we moved in. Its from a party at a friends house across the pond from our new house. Shows you how many cart owners there are in the neighborhood. Wayne
  11. The source for the wire is my work. How much do you need? I could possibly ship you some. #1 is way over kill for sure, i only did it because i got it for free. I also have #2 that might be cheaper to ship but it is pretty heavy so the cost of shipping might not make it worth it considering you can order cable off Amazon. I see you can get 10' of #1 for $35 shipped. A local welding supply store should have it for even cheaper. Everything was purchased off Amazon. Crimper https://www.amazon.com/Goplus-Hydraulic-Crimper-Terminal-Crimping/dp/B00ZA2P3XM/ref=sr_1_5?crid=X58RPBHKRKYS&dchild=1&keywords=16+ton+hydraulic+wire+crimper&qid=1609345612&sprefix=16+ton+%2Caps%2C195&sr=8-5 Terminals - The terminals i bought are for #2 wire but the #1 wire fit in them so i used #1 instead because i had it. After crimping them they are super super tight. https://www.amazon.com/SELTERM-Marine-Terminal-Battery-Eyelets/dp/B073FGB1B2/ref=sr_1_15?crid=2VII4Q5IS5RQI&dchild=1&keywords=2%2Bgauge%2B5%2F16%2Bring%2Bterminal&qid=1609345811&sprefix=2%2Bgauge%2B5%2F1%2Caps%2C432&sr=8-15&th=1&psc=1 Heat Shrink https://www.amazon.com/XHF-Pcs-Inch-19mm-Waterproof/dp/B07X472W3Z/ref=sr_1_2_sspa?dchild=1&keywords=xhf+2+pcs+3%2F4&qid=1609346167&sr=8-2-spons&psc=1&spLa=ZW5jcnlwdGVkUXVhbGlmaWVyPUEzODFCUk9DUENPTjNHJmVuY3J5cHRlZElkPUExMDM1MDEwM09aWk1UMFI3OU41UCZlbmNyeXB0ZWRBZElkPUEwNTY1MTQ5M0xNMlY4STBHN0NaSiZ3aWRnZXROYW1lPXNwX2F0ZiZhY3Rpb249Y2xpY2tSZWRpcmVjdCZkb05vdExvZ0NsaWNrPXRydWU= Braided Loom https://www.amazon.com/25ft-Expandable-Braided-Sleeving-BlackRed/dp/B074GP12FX?ref_=ast_slp_dp&th=1 Wayne
  12. My wife and i sold our house in June of 2019 and moved in with my wifes Grandparents and Mom. It actually wasnt terrible but i just needed to have my own space so we could get our normal life back. May of 2020 we finally found a house we loved in the exact subdivision we wanted to move it. We have a bunch of friends that lived there and there are tons and tons of kids our suns age for him to play with. Just about everyday and at any time of the day you can sit outside and watch dozens and dozens of Golf Carts, ATVs and SXS pass down the street. Nobody speeding or causing issues just basically going for a relaxing cruise. When we first moved in we would use my Rancher to cruise around but fitting my wife, 6yr and myself on it wasnt exactly something that was comfortable to ride. I also noticed the street eating up my Zillas so we wanted to get something easier and more practical to ride around on. So i brought my bike up to the hunting camp, last year we bought a shipping container to securely store our bikes in so i brought it up there and left it. After doing that my wife kept saying she wanted to get a golf cart. I wanted one as well but wanted to find a deal. After a few months of looking i finally found a company in Canton MS that had exactly what i wanted. Its a 2011 Club Car Precedent with Brand New 2020 US Batteries, Code 4 Speed Code and Brand New Alpha Body with LED Light Kit. Me being me and not being able to leave anything alone before even buying the cart i bought some #1 Welding Lead, 16Ton Hydraulic Crimping Tool, Terminals, Heat Shrink & Braided Wire Loom. So the first thing i did when i got home with it was replace the 6AWG cables throughout the cart with the #1 Cable. After getting it the next thing i ordered a Rearview Mirror & Tinted Windshield, then ordered a Back Seat Kit, i ordered the back seat in black because i plan to change the front seats to black as well as paint the roof black. I originally wanted to order a Long Travel Lift Kit thats adjustable between 6-8" but they are basically not existent with all the Covid crap going on. There are people that have been waiting 7+ months for the kit. I just couldnt go that long driving around a stock cart so i decided to go with a 6" A-Arm Lift. Well turns out those are on backorder too. Spoke to one guy that ordered his in July and still hasnt gotten it. I really really lucked out and found a random guy selling the 6" A-Arm kit on eBay. I messaged him and re agreed on a price which was cheaper than they normally go for and i had it in 3 days! Then ordered some 14" Wheels, 23" Tires, HD Dual Action Leaf Springs, New Bushings and finally a Voltage Reducer. In just 2 weeks the cart looked completely different. The wife was on my back for ordering so much stuff so the build has stopped for the time being. Next on the list i will be installing a dash board with stereo and speakers and completely rewiring the lights so i can control them the way i want. I also plan to add a rear facing LED light and some sort of underglow or rocklights under the cart. Heres a couple before and after pictures. Anybody else have carts? Wayne
  13. Whats up fellas? Its been a while since ive logged in, ive actually forgot all about this site and went to the other. After a week of no replies it dawned on me that the guys that actually know what there talking about left lol. Well anyways life has been crazy this year between all this Covid crap, my wife and i actually testing positive(i had no symptoms at all, she lost her taste and smell for about 3 weeks) buying a new house, job transfer with a new schedule and just normal life craziness i just havnt had time to get on much. Hope everybody is doing well. So i have 2012 420 footshift i bought used a few years ago to use at my hunting camp. It for sure has put in some work but i always keep it clean, and change all the fluids once a year(25-30hrs). About a 1-1.5yrs ago i started noticing that every so often and completely randomly when i go to upshift the shifter doesn't want to move/shift up. If i get back on the throttle a little, let off again and then try to shift up again it normally shifts up no problem, some times it may take 2 or 3 times to get it to shift up. When i first got the bike i changed all the fluids and installed a drain plug with a magnet on it. Around the beginning of hunting season i changed the oil and noticed a fair amount of super super fine shaving on the drain plug. Sent a pic to a buddy of mine that a engineer and has owned/rebuilt bikes for years and he said it was completely normal, that it was just the normal clutch material. Not sure if its related or not but one day, when cruising down the street heading back to the camp and approaching a stop sign i went to down shift, after downshifting i, not realizing i accidently kept my foot on the shifter keeping it in the down position. When doing this i noticed the bike was basically in neutral as if you pushed in the clutch on a vehicle. After realizing the shift/clutch worked like this when preparing to come to a stop from a cruising speed i started keeping my foot on the pedal to "coast" before down shifting. Well recently i noticed that when doing this the bike doesnt always want to coast after the initial downshift. It does downshift into the lower gear but keeping my foot on the pedal doesnt "coast" the bike. Do yall think both "issues" are clutch related? Do you think it simply just needs adjustment or do you think the clutch needs to be replaced? If replaced, does that require a complete tear down? Thanks Wayne
  14. Middle of Jan, ill be going back up to the hunting property for the last time this season. Ill be bring the bike back home with me. Once home, ill spend a couple hours cleaning it. Other than that, i want to install front and rear baskets and possibly a windsheild, before next season. After that..... i cant think of anything really, i pretty much have done everything else i wanted done to it. Maybe find some trails to go riding on with my son. Wayne
  15. I do alot of mechanic work on the side. Mostly suspension(Leveling Kits, Lift Kits & Lower Kits) but i also do engine and general repairs as well. Some of my favorite tool i own have come from Harbor Freight. Some of my favorites are 1/4", 3/8" & 1/2" 72 Tooth Ratchets Regular price you can get all 3 for $55ish. I picked mine up on sale with a coupon for $40ish. The equal set, Snap On brand would cost you around $250 USED! The worst part about Snap On/Mac/etc tools is that you cant just bring is somewhere to exchange it like you can HF. You have to either send it back to they for them to review and repair/replace and wait to have it shipped back. Im lucky enough to have a buddy thats a mechanic at CAT, they have a tool driver visits them once a week, so if i break one of my Snap On/Mac/etc tools i give to him, wait for the guy to show up, chances are he doesnt have it on the truck so i have to wait another week for him to come back. Its a big headache. 44" Tool Chest This buy far is the best buy HF offers. You can find it for $380-450 depending on the type of sale is going on. For the price and quality NOBODY can touch that deal. 3Ton Daytona Floor Jack SnapOn sued HF over this jack AND LOST. SnapOn claimed it was a direct copy of there jack, the judge said otherwise. The way i look at it is if SnapOn is willing to sue over it, that much say something. Not to mention its 1/3 the cost. 29 Gallon 2HP 150PSI Compressor When i was looking to upgrade my compressor based on my research. The specs vs price was untouchable. One thing i will NOT buy from HF is any type of pliers. The ones i have bought in the past, you really bear down on them, they seam to twist the jaws. There vise grips are the worse. Not everything can afford or needs "Profession Grade Tools" like SnapOn/Mac/etc so dont feel bad buying HF tools just do you research on the tool before buying them. I use Garage Journal Forum and YouTube. I dont use my tools for 60+hrs a week like a full time mechanic but i bet i use them a solid 12hrs a week and rarely ever have a issue with them. The funny part is the last 4 tools i did break 3 of them were SnapOn. The other was my 3/8" HF Ratchet. I broke the tip off the "plastic" handle when i used a cheater bar on it. This tool is also a favorite and has saved my butt many times. If you damage the tip of a bolt you tighten this around the threads near the head and unscrew it, it straightens the threads as you twist it off. Its also great for removing dried up loctite! Wayne
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