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Needs Adjustment or Repair?

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Whats up fellas? Its been a while since ive logged in, ive actually forgot all about this site and went to the other. After a week of no replies it dawned on me that the guys that actually know what there talking about left lol. Well anyways life has been crazy this year between all this Covid crap, my wife and i actually testing positive(i had no symptoms at all, she lost her taste and smell for about 3 weeks) buying a new house, job transfer with a new schedule and just normal life craziness i just havnt had time to get on much. Hope everybody is doing well.

So i have 2012 420 footshift i bought used a few years ago to use at my hunting camp. It for sure has put in some work but i always keep it clean, and change all the fluids once a year(25-30hrs).

About a 1-1.5yrs ago i started noticing that every so often and completely randomly when i go to upshift the shifter doesn't want to move/shift up. If i get back on the throttle a little, let off again and then try to shift up again it normally shifts up no problem, some times it may take 2 or 3 times to get it to shift up. When i first got the bike i changed all the fluids and installed a drain plug with a magnet on it. Around the beginning of hunting season i changed the oil and noticed a fair amount of super super fine shaving on the drain plug. Sent a pic to a buddy of mine that a engineer and has owned/rebuilt bikes for years and he said it was completely normal, that it was just the normal clutch material.

Not sure if its related or not but one day, when cruising down the street heading back to the camp and approaching a stop sign i went to down shift, after downshifting i, not realizing i accidently kept my foot on the shifter keeping it in the down position. When doing this i noticed the bike was basically in neutral as if you pushed in the clutch on a vehicle. After realizing the shift/clutch worked like this when preparing to come to a stop from a cruising speed i started keeping my foot on the pedal to "coast" before down shifting. Well recently i noticed that when doing this the bike doesnt always want to coast after the initial downshift. It does downshift into the lower gear but keeping my foot on the pedal doesnt "coast" the bike.

Do yall think both "issues" are clutch related? Do you think it simply just needs adjustment or do you think the clutch needs to be replaced? If replaced, does that require a complete tear down?

Thanks Wayne

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Welcome back!


Clutch sounds like it is worn out of service.

The question is summed up perfectly in your title.


My answer would be adjust first according to the service manual procedure and see how it shifts.

If after adjustment it is still hard to shift you will need to change the clutches.

Not a problem if a clutch set needs to be changed though. Just need to change the friction discs and a few other bits while you are in there.



Riding the clutch like you describe to "coast" is pretty bad on them.

It basically holds the pads just far enough apart to lose engine grip but keeps them in contact enough to wear. 


Let us know what you find out!

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