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  1. What sprocket brand have you had the best performance out of?
  2. I will double check that when I get back home but I am pretty sure they are stock.
  3. Happy Saturday! I want to put some new rear tires on the bike that will give me a little more ground clearance. I currently have the stock 20/10/9 tires on the back and I want to stick 22/10/9 tires on it. I realize doing so will hurt the low end torque. Do any of you have any experience with changing sprocket sizes? I am willing to increase the tooth count on the sprockets to get the torque back close to normal. The problem is I am not sure how many teeth to add to the front or back. I also do not want to remove the case saver. Any educated recommendations out there? Thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks for the reply but I was able to get one of the flexible carb adjustment tools to work.
  5. I figured there was a good reason why I could not find a finger adjustable screw... I had to clean the carb again and this time I removed the pilot screw so I could do a better job of cleaning. I cut a slot in the head of it so I could adjust with a flat head but that is difficult while it is on the machine. I may give the motion pro a try if the cheap one does not work. Thanks for the reply.
  6. Thanks, I will track one of these down.
  7. Has anyone found a pilot screw that can be adjusted with your fingers for a 400x? Similar to the pic. I can find them all day for a 450r...
  8. Do I need to go up a size in the main also?
  9. It is starting to get cold here in missouri and my 400 is not starting as well when it is cold. Would you still recommend the 42 pilot if my quad is stock?
  10. I did clean this one while I had everything apart.
  11. Do you run a filter? Im not sure there is enough room for one between the tank and carb.
  12. First thing I did was dump and clean the tank. Gas was pretty yellow... I will always run sea foam in my engine’s, I love the stuff. Thank you for the pointers for sure!
  13. I found the pdf for the 05-09. I cleaned the carb this weekend and I think that is all the quad needed. Thanks for the reply!
  14. Good to know, thanks for the reply!
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