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  1. Nvm I got it out, I'll probably put it on my bike tomorrow after cleaning it out, and I'll tell you what happens.
  2. I just bought them myself, but they're not left handed ones, so what should I do now.
  3. Alright, my friend is getting some this Friday, and I'll probably work on it Saturday morning or Friday afternoon, I'll tell you what happens when I do it.
  4. Can I just use regular drill bits, since the streets are flooded since the hurricane.
  5. Alright, I'll stop by harbor freight today and see if they have them, and what do you mean twist it into the hole, do I pick the the bit that fits the tightest and drill into the hole itself and then back it out?
  6. I got the carb, and it turns out the dude decided to break one of the jets, and I tried hitting it, but it's aluminum, so it's gonna break every 2 hits, and I was wondering what's the safest way to go about this, should I drill it out or what.
  7. I ended buying one off ebay it was an oem one, or so it was stated, it looks like it has all the keihin logos on it, and says it's for a trx400ex and looks identical to it, but I couldn't read the numbers on it, so I'm hoping it's the right one, cause it was 165 which if it is the oem one or works then it's a huge steal, since ive seen some go for 200 bad condition all the way to 400 brand new, since I went to a shop the other day and they are saying that it would cost like 800 bucks which is insanely high, but it should get here on Friday the upcoming week, and I already bought am all balls rebuild kit for it.
  8. And the battery was dead, so it didn't have enough power to actually turn it over, so that's why it didn't even pop.
  9. I'm having a guess that it's the carb, since I sprayed starting fluid into the carb while turning it over and it popped, but idk if I would have to buy an oem, or a rebuild kit, sorry for the late response, I've been busy with other stuff. But everything else should be good since I've replaced most of the components since I've gotten the bike.
  10. Turns out the valves just needed to be wire brushed, ran fine after and he traded it.
  11. A little backstory from what i know, my buddy had his top end rebuilt, he broke it in, few rides later his coolant hose comes off, he lets his cool down, and he starts trying to go home, in the end blowing it up, there was scarring on the cylinder wall, metal chunks, piece of the piston broke, the valve has like some build up on it, and they look old. I'm rebuilding my buddies honda foreman 420 4x4 and after battling with the wrist pin on the piston, I put it back together, everything right, I turn it over, and it didn't start, I sprayed starter fluid in the cylinder, it backfired out of the airbox, and the reason I'm guessing is the valve is ceased, I'm not sure if it's the rod that's coming off or if the valve is ceased, when I turn it over I hold the rocker arm and it doesn't move up or down, but I don't know how to check if it's the rods falling out. Is there a way I can check if the valves are ceased or the rods are coming off.
  12. I put a 45 and a 180 in, it didn't start, but I sprayed starter fluid and still didn't even fire, so I'll check spark, but if it has good spark, what should I up it to, I only have a 180, but I have up to maybe a 55 give or take, which I doubt I would have to go that high.
  13. Because I'm trying to spend as little money as possible until I get it running, and when I get it running, since it's pretty much a project. And this is totally unrelated, but the black crush gasket between the cylinder and the crankshaft looks like it's melted or something, I will try and take a picture next time I go out there, until I get some storage space in my garage.
  14. Is there any company that sells an aftermarket carburetor that works good, that isn't expensive as the oem one, and I'll try a 45 or whatever jets I have, and use a 180 like you suggested, cause I have to wait for it to be delivered which will probably be this Friday or around there, and can I just buy an all balls rebuild kit if it is a bad carb?
  15. Recently got a big bore 440 kit for my trx400ex with a stage 2 hot cam, and I threw a amazon carburetor on there, everything else should be right, I gave it to one of my brothers buddy's and he said he was able to get it running, and I'm guessing he threw a different carb on there, because the guy said he could get it running with putting gas into the manifold, I haven't tried that yet but when I do get out to my old property then I'll try that, but I need some help with what jetting I should be running, I've mostly seen people running around a 180 and a 42, I think I have something like a 170 and a 42, and wondering if it's the carburetor itself or the jetting, since ive heard amazon carbs aren't it, and I don't have the old one, and I don't want to spend 200-400 dollars on an oem carburetor.
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