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  1. Hello to everyone so thankful to have found your forum and hope to gain actual knowledge about these things that have been plaguing us with these bikes we try to fix. So I just bought a 2006 350es from a friend of mine (used to be my neighbor) who is a mechanic and does pretty good work for what I've seen from him over the years. He originally said he had this bike for sale for 800 he paid 1500 for it and ran fine until he let a friend use it on the farm they both work on. She used it all day then when it was time to head home making her way up the hill at somepoint the bike just stopped working dead in tracks. Here on the big island the terrain can be steep in some areas along with rocks bad roads ect.. ect.. anyways had to have it towed back the rest of the way (in gear from what I just found out) and couldn't get it to start again at all after that. My friend (who I'll refer to as L) did the "wrench on the shaft" to get it back into neutral but could not get it to turn over anytime after that. No neutral light, no spark, engine will crank untill the battery's dead but nothing they tried worked. They did/tried most or some of the common YouTube fixes including checking sensors by passing whatever they could think to cause no spark but with no avail. Also dosent help that the speedo s Display illuminates orange but no numbers or anything is visible (which is what had lead me here). So I would like to send in my display to whom that mat concern and I will provide any pictures or information and contact info you may require as needed when I hear back from you. I'm sorry for the long post but hopefully provide some context of what happened before I got it and am going to be getting it dropped off at my place midday tomorrow. There is so much more I feel like I should include about the situation and issues with the bike but I'll try to leave it at that for now until I hear back from you great people here. Once again thank you so much in advance and appreciate what you guys do to help people like me and hopefully I can pay what I learn forward and help someone else out down the line. Aloha from big island hawaii 🤙🏽🤙🏽. Oh and p.s. I ended up getting the bike for 500 and a set of wheels and tires I had sitting under my house for my 400 Forman I used to have ( literally trying to bite my toung not to get myself started on that bike! ) but it was absolute great bike / workhorse never gave me any issues at all until the frame was completely rotted away with only the motor holding it together. Loved that bike definitely holds a special place in my raw beating heart, untill I traded it for my sons trx90 which was a tough decision but my son wanted to learn to ride so what could i do.. thanks again again have a great day everyone 🤙🏽🤙🏽
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