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  1. see pictures. That's the only brand on the starter, does anyone know if its a Chinese one? See the damage on the splines of starter and see tooth broken on gear inside. ????
  2. That's a good point Retro. I will ask the owner if he has fitted a starter at some stage. And I will post a picture of the starter later. Thanks
  3. Hi all I’m working on a Honda foreman 400 with a starting issue. It makes a terrible noise when the starter is engaged. I found some wear on the starter splines and then I seen a tooth broken from the gear inside which the starter engages. I can replace the gear and starter, but I’m worried there may be something causing the fault and I’m don’t what to end up with the same fault again. Any help would be great.?
  4. Hi all Just got a call from a guy ,says his honda 500trx seams to sound a little different and is ticking over ok but when he gives it the throttle there is no power. He has to throttle it up gently to get going right. Just asking any ideas where to start. Thanks everyone.
  5. Thanks for the drawing, I got it out not a easy one. There are 2 bolts holding a module containing the radiator and the fan, they need to be removed and using a lever bar lift up the module (gently) this should give enough space to remove the bolt holding the brake pipes at the T joint.
  6. Hi all, I’m working on a 2019 420FM . Front brake lines leaking from buildup of dirt on inside of wheel rim rubbing lines. Took a quick look today and lines appear to be joined behind the radiator . I assume I can remove lines at this point? What do I have to do to get in there? Looking for where to start from. Any tips. 👍
  7. Lots to think about, thanks Shadetree. I’m going to investigate if/where fuel pump relay might be as it’s probably easiest to replace and best place to start. Regarding the injector is there much to cleaning/ inspecting them and how could I go about testing one?
  8. Hi everyone A friend asked me to look at his 08 420 manual shift. Intermittent fault is : when he stops bike doing some spot spraying for example, bike left ticking over and in gear and goes to move again the bike dies as if it under load or can’t get fuel sometimes it splutters when driving slowly. He bought it to local dealer number 1 and they put a new fuel pump but fault remained he bought it to local dealer number 2 and they said/put a new loom in it and fault returned. Also by accident he discovered that if he puts bike into reverse it’s ok and then ok going forward so that is what he has been doing as the problem occurs . Its a strange one for me . Thanks for looking any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Thanks Toodeep , I put a line of weld on it for grip and some heat then used my new air hammer ( good tool) and off it came.
  10. Hi all, just replacing a Honda 420 rear axel and the LHS axel sleeve/ spacer is really rusted on there. Tried some force with heat and no move. Just wondering is there anything I could try before cutting it off? 👍
  11. I think I have source of noise. Took off cylinder and found a lot of side to side play in piston. See video . And damage on piston. 20220615_120206.mp4.af4d863532cdaa1d620273ab159a6a9a.mp4
  12. Thanks I'll recheck the valves using your procedure . Any tip on confirming cam chain? It seems fine to me tight and all?
  13. I have removed rear cover
  14. Got ya! Checked like you said and turns out I had them set right. Thanks Goober. Cam chain looks ok too , tensioner against it and very little movement in it. Is there any other cheaks I could do on cam chain?
  15. Ok, I adjusted valves and tapping remained. But as I looked at valve adjustment 1seamed different from the other. I'm also confused: line up T in window and set valves, and if I turn crank 1 revolution ( T lined up in window again) cheak valves and they are tight. Another rev of crank and valves are where I set them. Piston is at the top both times. How do I determine which stroke is the right one to set valves?
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