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  1. Thanks Toodeep , I put a line of weld on it for grip and some heat then used my new air hammer ( good tool) and off it came.
  2. Hi all, just replacing a Honda 420 rear axel and the LHS axel sleeve/ spacer is really rusted on there. Tried some force with heat and no move. Just wondering is there anything I could try before cutting it off? 👍
  3. I think I have source of noise. Took off cylinder and found a lot of side to side play in piston. See video . And damage on piston. 20220615_120206.mp4.af4d863532cdaa1d620273ab159a6a9a.mp4
  4. Thanks I'll recheck the valves using your procedure . Any tip on confirming cam chain? It seems fine to me tight and all?
  5. I have removed rear cover
  6. Got ya! Checked like you said and turns out I had them set right. Thanks Goober. Cam chain looks ok too , tensioner against it and very little movement in it. Is there any other cheaks I could do on cam chain?
  7. Ok, I adjusted valves and tapping remained. But as I looked at valve adjustment 1seamed different from the other. I'm also confused: line up T in window and set valves, and if I turn crank 1 revolution ( T lined up in window again) cheak valves and they are tight. Another rev of crank and valves are where I set them. Piston is at the top both times. How do I determine which stroke is the right one to set valves?
  8. Hi again Got a Fortrax 350 it’s around a2001 bike I think into the workshop for service and to investigate noise from engine. it’s like a tapping noise, thinking valves? Bike is starting fine and there is lots of oil in it. looking for the best and easiest place to start. I hope to but up a video later. Thanks
  9. That looks OK from what I can see . No sign of any leaks now so I'm going to leave it alone.
  10. I looked into tank with light and appears ok but hard to be sure. There seems to be a few specks shining back at me. The carb is OK at present. If it leaks again I better clean out tank. How should I go about cleaning tank? What would you use?
  11. Just a little milk and no sugar thanks. Anyway it appears to be sorted this time. The drill do the trick. I polished it again after drilling incase there was a burr left. Test it in the bike with a full tank a number of times and it perfect. Thanks everyone.
  12. I spoke too soon, fault returned when I put carb in bike and took it for a spin. After it was sitting for a few minutes it started to drain again. I drilled out the hole in the seat like Misterclean suggested and I'm just back from a test spin and its holding so far. Going to keep a eye on it . I'll but up a update later. 🤞. Going for tea
  13. A result. I used a cotton bud and some copper grease to polish out the seat. Irs holding fine now. Thanks for everything Misterclean
  14. A result. I used a cotton bud and some copper grease to polish out the seat. Irs holding fine now. Thanks for everything Misterclean
  15. Bike is in regular use. I drained the carb a few times using the drain screw to see if it was working OK and all appeared ok draining stopped when screw tightened. I will take a close look at overflow stem when I'm back at it .
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