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  1. Hows the best way to test clutch in every gear.
  2. Not sure if have clutch starting to show wear. January pulling trailer up hill and lost traction on frozen ground. Backing down start to jack knife so stop. Through in high range to take another run at hill. Bike starting to accelerate but tires would not turn. Dont remember all details but think put in low and got out of predicament. As posted earlier with heavy stock size 6 pl tires went from 50MPH to about 38. Other day in smooth wet sand put in ESP and gave it all its got. Keeping RPM in max rang for performance 1 through 4th gear would increase MPH but shifting to 5th acted like there was no more testosterone. Transmission pressure is on top side of spec and shifts like new. Have always used Mobil conventional oil for 20 years. Motor runs like new with about 1650 hours. Dont know if expecting to much out of my 500. Is there any way to test clutch. Looks like PITA to replace if no performance is achieved.
  3. I feel your pain. Thats the difference between good parents and ones that are self centered and let there kids run wild.
  4. Your and my Mom must have been related. LOL Softening the seat is first on the agenda. I just recovered seat couple years ago but foam is 20 year old technology.
  5. Thanks, now you have me looking into spending money.
  6. My 2002 Honda Rubicon suspension is stiff. After couple hours of the intense technical trails at St Joe park my butt and tailbone is telling me to quit. Even when chores at the farm require long hours in the saddle im still felling it the next day. Buddies been trying to get me to go out west with them to ride atvs but felt I could only handle one day of riding. Has anyone else had this problem and found a solution?
  7. Replaced upper a arm bearings a year ago and all good. Now squeaking again and almost sounds like lower a arm. Can you pull lower bolt out and spray some lube in hole or do you need to pull lower arm and rebuild bushings like a upper arm?
  8. Everything on bike checks out. Ran GPS and speedometer almost perfect. Is your 05 running a hondamatic?
  9. Thing runs excellent, shifts good and oil pressure is like new bike.
  10. Thats what I would have thought also.
  11. If its fogged over with haze its reparable. I used a 3m headlight polishing kit. Makes it look brand new.
  12. Im just shocked it made that much difference. What is top end with these guys running big swamp tires and lift kits?
  13. I use this for farm work with average 4 MPA. Has 1600 hours and under 7K miles. Couple times a year we take them down to St Joe state park and run them hard. Could not get more than 36 to 41MPH out of atv. Years ago I know was able to get 51 mph before rev limiter would kick in. Had bike go into limp mode and had to replace speed sensor. Thought that would take care of speed issue but NOT. Bike starts and runs excellent. Rubimatic is shifting into all gears and seems to be working correct. Oil pressure at 1400RPM 43PSI and at 5K rpm 143 PSI. The only variable I can think of is new tires. Did not change tire size from stock 25x8 and 10 R12. These are heave duty Bighorn Maxxis and are run at 3.6PSI.
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