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  1. Did a little google searching and looks like most ORV trails in Colorado can vary from 4K to 12K. Dont have any idea where to go but dont want trail system I could use my truck on. Now that side by sides are so popular most pictures of trail systems look like super highway.
  2. I love my 2002 Rubicon. Was thinking a ATV trail ride and camping vacation sounds like fun. I live in Missouri and was told bike would need to be jeted different for something like Colorado. I am mechanically inclined and was wondering how hard would be to get bike to run proper at different altitudes? Really don't want to buy newer bike that has fuel injection.
  3. You guys sound just like me. Made my living all my life with tools. Motto has always been life is to short to work with cheap tools. Had always had been Craftsman guy but not able to return tools is a deal breaker. Cant believe I am buying HF tools because of there return policy. I cherish dearly my old quality tools with some being handed down from deceased love ones. Dont know how I would handle if they where stolen.
  4. I bought Harbor freight 3/4" set. When I put some torque on the set the chrome pops off outside of socket.
  5. I still have bad memories of first roto heads that where coming out of Japan and could never get them to reverse without needing to finesse them.
  6. If these fail quickly will go that rout. I tried that first but not easy to locate used.
  7. $375 Like said only reason went with them was concerned about wheel clearance and caliper. Hate to think how many kits are being put on bikes with rotors being distorted during assemble. This was a big vice. That shows how much pressure I was using before going hydraulic. I wish I had not been in a bind to get this bike fixed because kit would have gone back with a nasty note.
  8. Highlifter front disc brakes kit for 2002 Honda Rubicon. Would have gone into more detail but amazon limits review size. Poor quality and parts out of tolerance (buyer beware) My background, been in precision machining industry for over 40 years. Purchased this Highlifter brake kit because they clamed no modification's to calipers to fit my 2002 Honda Rubicon. I am thinking this kit might be put together over seas. First problem is nut in kit that is used to press out factory studs was not even correct thread pitch. Sent a nut that was coarse threads when studs are fine thread same pitch as highlifter studs. Now is when things get ugly. The new studs have a big shoulder you press into Honda stock hub till bottom out . Busted Craftsman vice trying to press so took to work to use hydraulic press. When not going together correct started doing some inspecting and find out studs where manufactured .026" oversized. So oversized they roll the extra metal into corner of stud and no matter what ton press used shoulder of stud will not seat properly leaving gap which will cause rotor to run out. At this point I am in trouble because I need this bike running for farm use next weekend. I end up boring holes in my Honda hub for correct fit to make kit work. Was not going to leave bad review till after talking to highlifter to let them know about problem with kit. After two calls no response. You tell operator you have problem with parts out of tolerance and the don't even have common curtesy to call back.
  9. DO NOT BUY HIGHLIFTER KIT! Was not going to make a post till after hearing from them but already have to unanswered calls and when find time will leave poor amazon review.
  10. Liberals have no common sense.
  11. My 2002 Rubicon use to go 50MPH and last year could do 40MPH max. For work seemed less powerful pulling loads in my trailer. Trail riding steep hill climbs seemed like could use more testosterone. Started, idled and seemed to be running good but lost all top end. If you read some of my old post I thought had clutch or hondamatic problem but all checked out good. While doing maintenance I pulled spark arrester and noticed all the screen was gone. The back of the tube was shine from rubbing the baffle. Cut end of exhaust off and the baffle was 1/2 rusted out and slid back against the arrester tube cutting exhaust flow. The only OEM exhaust muffler in hole continent was in Canada and I did not want to deal with shipping. Pieced the baffle back together and welded in place. Then welded end back on muffler and should give me a few more years service till more parts become available. Instant power, been so long that Im still stoked. I just wonder how many other old Hondas are driving around blaming heavy tires for them loosing top end. Everyone check your spark arrestors every PM.
  12. My concern is do you have any problems with rocks and sticks jamming between wheel and caliper?
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