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  1. Does it ever give you a unlevel effect going over obstacles with 200lb on back. My 2002 can get front end light but safe on level ground with 200lb on back. Does your fell pretty safe on level ground? Thank for the input.
  2. Have 2002 Rubicon with good Bighorns. Has 1800 hours on it and runs great and starts down to zero F. Background, 95% of time farm use. Seeding food plots, boom spraying with 25gallon tank on rack and pulling trailer with average weight of300LB. Other 5% is steep technical trails for fun. Work schedule is slowing to where I would like to do some ATV vacations. Maybe out west and ride high elevations and in the desert. I love this machine like a wife because it has never let me down in 22 years of hard use. Guy has 2023 trx520 for sale. Fuel injection could be nice for hi elevation and starting when below freezing. Farm use and trapping constant on off. EPS power steering sounds great for spot spraying and being able to steer using one hand. IRS has to be better than straight axel for going down and over big boulders for my 5% trail riding. The teeter tottering steep downhill obstacles adds the pucker effect. THE DOWNFALL of IRS is how would handle 200LB ATV spray tank on back rack. Bike must have DCT automatic transmission because my 2002 has spoiled me not needing to shift while working. Also having 20 more cc is always a plus and with fuel injection thinking more pep. Any input is appreciated and bro wants my 2002.
  3. This is info I was looking for. Thanks
  4. 02 Rubicon when below 32F after sitting two weeks would barely turn over. After running it works fine. Happened first time thought loose ground. Other day mid 40s started normal. I have a load tester for auto battery's but to much for small battery's. How to test. Thinking 5 plus age and probably reading 12 volts.
  5. I have always put filter in gas and wringed out. Then heavy Dawn soap and rinse. Wait to dry and filter blue oil. There has to be better way of doing this. Also I'm inpatient waiting couple days letting dry before use.
  6. Do you think that 5W is a problem during your hot summer months.
  7. I have always used Mobil conventional every 100 hours. Was told needs oil for wet clutch application. Would like to be able to use oils readable available like at Walmart. Looks like Honda oil runs $9 qt times 6qt+ shipping= ouch. What do you guys use?
  8. Did a little google searching and looks like most ORV trails in Colorado can vary from 4K to 12K. Dont have any idea where to go but dont want trail system I could use my truck on. Now that side by sides are so popular most pictures of trail systems look like super highway.
  9. I love my 2002 Rubicon. Was thinking a ATV trail ride and camping vacation sounds like fun. I live in Missouri and was told bike would need to be jeted different for something like Colorado. I am mechanically inclined and was wondering how hard would be to get bike to run proper at different altitudes? Really don't want to buy newer bike that has fuel injection.
  10. You guys sound just like me. Made my living all my life with tools. Motto has always been life is to short to work with cheap tools. Had always had been Craftsman guy but not able to return tools is a deal breaker. Cant believe I am buying HF tools because of there return policy. I cherish dearly my old quality tools with some being handed down from deceased love ones. Dont know how I would handle if they where stolen.
  11. I bought Harbor freight 3/4" set. When I put some torque on the set the chrome pops off outside of socket.
  12. I still have bad memories of first roto heads that where coming out of Japan and could never get them to reverse without needing to finesse them.
  13. If these fail quickly will go that rout. I tried that first but not easy to locate used.
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