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  1. Yeah I'm learning as I go on four-wheeler found out put it in reverse and sort of roll it it actually goes all the way in reverse.
  2. Yep. Shifting great no codes just sputtering in reverse.
  3. Appreciate all the help my ! didn't have the 32 pin connector all the way plugged in.
  4. What happens if I might have installed gear position sensor wrong. I took it off not knowing that it didn't need to come off when checking stator and when I put it back in I know I turned it to another position to get it back in and not sure unit was in neutral.
  5. Will try that it's a good batter showing 12.9 with unit off. I'll try disconnecting it seeing if that does anything.
  6. Tried that yesterday and it did change then went right back to two dash's. Today it's two dashes that are just constantly on no blinking can't hear shift motor doing anything when I try it again.
  7. Well got a meter on it and on gear selection it's just two dashes. Tried getting the codes but it's not pulling any up.
  8. Is there any one who rebuild the display or is it best to try to buy a new one.
  9. Well the display is not working at the moment. It lights up but shows nothing. Can you change it to buddyb
  10. Finally got it running good after chasing down electrical issues now drives fine and was shifting then stopped shifting.
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