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  1. Just recently bought a very used 01 400ex and i have blown it completely apart to paint the frame and just all around check every seal and bearing and try to fix some of the stuff that has been rigged. From what I understand the A-arm ball joints are not a serviceable item. I have seen the mod to cut the ends off then drill and tap and put a car tie rod end to act as a ball joint. I was just wanting to get you guys opinions before i start cutting something up that i may not need to. Thanks, Chad.
  2. I'm not leaving. Still got tons to do.
  3. Ok guys didn't mean to leave you guys hanging on the edge of your chairs in suspense. In the process of taking the motor back apart some how the ball retainer triangle with the spring grew legs and walked off and hid. I mean I completely tore my bench apart and cleaned and reorganized the whole thing. Gone. Disappeared. 4 day wait for the part. Got everything back together. I thought might as well do the wheel bearings before I ruin a hub. So a trip to the local Honda dealer and $130 worth of ball joints and tie rod ends and a few hours of assembly and I just took my first ride around the yard. Everything did exactly what it was supposed to do. Just want to say thank you for all the input and help. I will never forget the "M5" gear in that transmission. Lol
  4. Lol. Spoken like a true hotrodder. I know copper spray well. We have done stuff at the track and be like it will never ever last but we gotta try. And go many rounds just waiting for it to break. Lol
  5. Dumb question I'm pretty sure I already know the answer but I'm gonna ask. This engine has maybe 5 minutes of idle time, new gaskets for the top end or can I reuse them?
  6. You probably did, my brain has moving at 100mph trying to figure out the tranny issue. I will go back and re-read it. Thanks again.
  7. The washer in question is identical to the one on the shift shaft.
  8. Well just pulled the washer out and just set the case back on and bolted the star to the end of the shift drum, everything seems to be shifting like it should and I still have neutral. Dang M5 gear but let's hope it all works when I'm done putting it back together.
  9. I suppose the star is supposed to take up that slack when it's bolted on so it wouldn't need that washer. But as it sits with the washer it actually seems to be in neutral.
  10. Yes sir. This one was found laying on the bench under a rag when I was cleaning up so I could tear down the motor again.
  11. Well I still don't know if it's actually right but I can hold one and spin the other now. 🍻 and I'll wait for what you guys say.
  12. You remember that washer? It doesn't show one in my manual on the shift drum. I'm about to try it and see. What's the worst that happens I have to pull the shafts out for the 34th time today. Lol. It fits perfectly on the shift drum.
  13. The do spin freely but not independently of each other. Maybe I worded that wrong. If it's in neutral should one spin but not the other.
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