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  1. Thanks for looking Slammed. I'm hoping I'll find someone like myself that can't throw something away if it still has one good part left on it, Haha. That drives my woman crazy. She sees my stuff and sees nothing but junk. She needs to wear my glasses when she comes out to the shop. They turn a rosy tint as soon as I walk in the door.
  2. Thanks Slammed. From what I can tell they are the same. Since they don't have a separate part number from the headlight housing I'm just going on the bulb style and from looking pictures of them on ebay.
  3. Yep pull the fuel line off and check flow, my Rancher plugged and did that. Check your spark plug for a chunk of carbon stuck on the tip, also open the drain on the bottom of your carb and catch the fuel in a clear bottle and look for it to separate. If you have a small amount of water in the bowl, your main jet sits lower in the carb than the pilot jet so could be why it idles but dies when you try to rev. If none of these are it I would pull the main jet and see if its plugged.
  4. Hi all, I have a customer that brought his 2006 TRX450ER in for some repair work. One of the things he needed was a complete headlight assembly. He has limited funds so I found a headlight housing on ebay and ordered it. I did not realize it was missing the metal sockets until I tried to assemble it. They are not a part that you can buy separate from the housing. They are the part that is held in by 2 screws that the bulb sits in. So to my point, Does anyone have any extras or have a broken housing laying around that they would be interested in selling the sockets out of? I believe the 400EX 450R, 450ER, 700XX all are the same when it comes to the metal socket. Thanks, Dan
  5. Thanks AKATV, Your fix on the board corrected the issues that I had going on. The speedo now works as it should and the shift issue is gone. Thank you very much! Happy New year!
  6. AKATV, I replaced the speed sensor with an new oem and still nothing. I rechecked continuity and in the process of checking multiple things different ways, I found The black/blue wire is grounded coming out of the meter and it should be 12v. Is this something you're interested in checking out and hopefully repair? Thanks, Dan
  7. I have back probed the connector coming out of the speedometer and have no power on the black /blue wire with key on. I have continuity on the black/blue wire from the sensor to the speedo. I disconnected the sensor from the harness and I put 12v to the black/blue wire and spun the sensor shaft with my meter connected to the pink and green and still have no voltage showing up. I don't know if that's how this is supposed to work or not. I think you may be right about the sensor being bad. The part I don't get is the lack of voltage on the black/blue wire. Maybe I have 2 problems
  8. I had the meter apart down to the board hoping to find something out of the ordinary but all looks good. No visible damage anywhere on the board.
  9. Yes on the manual, The first test is power to the black/blue wire which I have 0 volts. I have 0 volts when doing the test on the sensor but I am assuming that's because I have no power being supplied.
  10. Hi AKATV, I'm working on a 1999 TRX450ES and it has a shift issue. This is what I know, The speedometer reads 0 all the time. It will shift up through all gears, then when driven a short way it will not downshift until I turn the key off then back on. It will then reset and I can start the process all over. I do not have power from the speedo to the the speed sensor on the black/blue wire as the manual says I should. The readout of the speedo is clear and everything else works but the speed stays at 0 all the time. It seems that the board in the speedo is malfunctioning. Is this something you repair? Or am I on the wrong track?
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