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    • yes , for a while you needed a supporting box , but now all the new tvs seem to have what it takes ---- they are HD digital channels , like the basic here are 4, 6, 8, 12, 26, 32 and each one of those are broken into 3 , like 4A, 4b, 4c , --- what I have now for " hurricane times " are antennas that look like a big plastic card , you can tack them to the wall behind the tv where you can't see them , they have a box that hooks in line to the tv from the card , you tune it and bam you got air tv , it is very clear , as clear as cable 
    • Are You talking receiving channels NOT Transmitter via sat ? I heard about some type of converter box they offered here when sat tv baisically took over.. In other words you can get 2,4,5,8,17,ect (abc NBC CBS PBS fox .....) without switching to direct, dish ect..but! Your limited on channels, here i think here just the basic free channels we used to get are still free just in deferent format (say like analog verses digital)  n yeah  I have seen multipul directional beams... On a single home....whether both were for receiving tv signals ? I couldnt say... I think ? @TBRider has some expertise on that subject.  
    • I grew up with one of those and bought another a few years ago to spin the biggest Winegard they make.
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