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    • Right now , there are two Honda Line spot lights for sale , one has a broken front glass , the guy is asking $600 for the one that works and $500 for the one with the broken glass and needs a bulb , people will pay stupid prices for vintage stuff 
    • You mean fan motor controller ?   No updates other than been researching parts and planning  , waiting on a couple of deals to close for the funds ------ last weekend some friends got me to take it outside and a couple of them rode it , I could have sold it to my buddy for a profit as it is , he wants it bad as a bicycle , so now I have to find him a deal on a fat tired big 
    • now that doesn't shock me on a classic honda, i saw an 88 tank not long ago go for over 5 grand, used, looked good, but the plastics had some damage, still had the original metal gas tank, and honda seat
    • still working on posting. https://youtu.be/FoZKgyM98aM christy, the pretenders.  
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