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  1. I'm thinking about buying the kit for the coil and just get another cdi box from the link on ebay not sure about the spark I know I have 2 spark plug already
  2. Hey guys I will keep y'all posted I think its just the cdi really and possibly the coil ,spark plug I'm check online send some screenshot b4 I buy tho let me know what u guys think I should do thanks will post pics asap
  3. Hey ima try that as well this motor right here I know it's a good one still it's a freaking beast it wont die hahahahaha
  4. I know right them guys really dont know what they doing im sorry to say that but it is what it is
  5. Hey I dont have the original cdi I know becuz the original one looked newer and clean
  6. I have that just need sum spark rn any cdi links
  7. Sorry about the gammar I didnt proof read b4 I sent the post but basically they got the working cdi box and told me I had sum electric problem which I never had that until it got there sooo where can I get a good working cdi box from n if u have a link for me that would be great and I really had to tell the guys who work on my bike just that it was just a couple of days ago they really just start to touch my bike I just cut my losses and got my ! b4 they part my bike out hahaha jp
  8. I got another motor off a parts bike no hole on the case wanted the shop just to replace the broken half of the case with the parts bike motor but they really just did a motor swap my fault cuz I paid b4 they did any work took them bout 3-4m to just ! me out of a cdi box I had two of everything left me with the cdi that came of the parts bike which I think I faulty my I add the left the bike outside for a while to uncover so yea it sucks
  9. Thanks guys the old motor ran great actually just had a hole in it I have pics here
  10. I had my bike at 203 motorsport I'm in thomson ga for like 3m well they kelp my bike for 3m never fixed it just basically took parts off my mine I had which sucks I have not had any luck now im stuck with a no spark problem I don't have a lot of money the original motor ran but had a hole under the crank case so swapped motor out with a used motor now no spark just cranking all so they took the original cdi box as well I can't win from losing this the last time I let some work on my stuff ppl out here scamming need help asap
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