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  1. thanks for your concern on this matter
  2. well got the used cdi on today and fired it up and it is running like new so far,will have to take it for a ride when i get it back together.
  3. happy new year to all
  4. yes i just put a bit of oil on my chain before use, gas saw leaks a bit of oil.
  5. so found out engine will run with light fuse pulled,it just controls the lights and starter button.
  6. i really like mine saves me fireing chainsaw for lighter stuff.
  7. i have been happy with my dewalt products,but when it comes to saws and trimmers i stick with stihl.i do lots of trail cutting and picked up a stihl electric hand held pruner and find it works great for trees up to 5"
  8. i am the original owner and havent done anything to wiring in a long time and havent found any shorts to ground.
  9. there is a selenoid that is activated by the ignition
  10. i asked about the diode and you said it wasnt related to my issue.
  11. that seems strange why would the system be wired so thar engine would shut down because a lightfuse has blown,and why do i still have power to winch?
  12. what does the cdi have to do with no ignition with no light fuse,my feelings are i had this issue before i changed the cdi that maybe damaged the oem cdi.
  13. i still have chinese cdi on machine am still waiting for the used cdi.and yes have put oem regulator back on
  14. so today i took the lights fuse out and have no ignition except to winch,any suggestions?
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