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  1. Shade, I may have to try to fix yours if I cannot locate another. I know it is a very low probability of working out. with that in mind how much would you sell it for? (You could just remove the LCD and keep the rest of it) a price for all or just the screen? my zip is 54891 (for shipping cost)
  2. Ron said he didn't think that mattered if I was only needing the LCD screen the ES models use the circuitry to do that but the screens are apparently the same. I'll double check that with him, to be sure
  3. I sent the pics to AKATV to see if he thinks it is fixable. It looks to me like it is one of the original versions because that black spot is air that has entered from the right side glue having decayed. I'll get back with you once he lets me know
  4. I'm wondering if you could look at the LCD that SHADETREE has posted on the forum and determine if it is repairable, then I'll know it's ok to get it and send it to you? here is the link: Need a used LCD screen for 98 450s - Engine - Drivetrain - ATV Honda
  5. My LCD got cracked and destroyed as I had tried to get the air out of it. So I'm forced to find a replacement. I'm in contact with Ron (ATVhonda) and he says the black spots are not repairable. mine had the mountain range look from air in it (before it cracked). I hope you can find the one you mentioned. As I said I have some new polarizer film so I can do that part for the burnt one you mentioned. .I'm hoping you still have the one you mentioned or can find it
  6. I could do the polarizer but give me a price with your guy doing it and one without him doing it so I can see if I can afford that benefit. Does his replacement method have the white film background or clear one?
  7. this sounds promising, the repair guys tell me that the screens from 98 to 2004 are all compatible. the upgraded part ends in AO2 I think. (original ended in AO1 ) the rest of the number is the same. Is your screen all the same color? Is grey without black spots or mountain silhouettes in the lower half? Mine is the manual shift.
  8. I've been told by the repair guys that a flaw in the early 450's caused air to get in between the glass pieces which sandwich the liquid crystal, part of the screen fails when this happens. It looks like black dots or the lower half of the screen appears like a gray mountain range. However, when the polarizing screens are sun damaged and the screen color changes or prevents function; the LCD glass plates may still be fine. If you have or know anyone with a screen from this model (working or not, as long as it's all the same color) I'd be interested in it! If you can help or have a lead where I might locate one of these please let me know.
  9. I was told that the shift pattern was 1st gear down with neutral between 1st and second gear, as you lift into second. It sounds like you are saying that neutral is the bottom and all gears are up from there? If that is how it is supposed to work, that it is working normally. Do you know this for certain? All the Honda motorcycles I've ever known of were as I've described. If this is different that would be great news!
  10. I repaired the reverse control handle lever and it goes into reverse just fine. Lifting the shifter will let it easily go into second gear but pushing the shifter back down goes into neutral but will not go into first. It acts like it has no 1st gear. Does anyone know what is happening and how to resolve this?
  11. I need the LCD screen replacement new or used, for 1998-2001 Honda 450s Atv foreman speedometer Cluster. everything else in my cluster is working except the screen. Please contact me or e-mail if you have or know of a source?
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