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  1. Ite been a while had a whole bunch of stuff come up but I finally got around to getting it back together. It's shifting now all I gotta figure out is the idle. Thanks so much for the help and happy new years everyone.
  2. I believe I got it right this time. I lined it all up found reverse and went from there. Was able to go through all shift points by turning the drum and its set back to neutral position. I'll shoot you a pm real quick shadetree
  3. Got it broke down again and I'm not seeing where I went wrong. Maybe placement of shift drum?
  4. got it to run and sounded fine. unfortunately had to pull it out again cause the shift drum will not line up to the neutral marks on the case. bright side i can break these things down now real fast just gotta work on getting the trans right.
  5. Yup. I finally got around to working on it and now the fuel injector isn't working. If it's in between gears will it cause it not to work? Seems odd to me considering it ran before.
  6. Hopefully needs adjusting. The release bracket should be ok Ive never took it off and it worked before.
  7. I did triple check this time. Even took cover back off to see if the shift sensor is in the proper position. I gotta finish setting it all back up i did not run it.I do need to check the cable for the reverse cause it shifted into reverse without it. Battery was low so once it's charged up hopefully see what I did right or wrong.
  8. I tore it down yesterday found the center shift fork came off the drum. Gonna go put it all back together once it warms up here soon. The idle issue hopefully goes away too but I'll see soon enough. Thanks for the tips guys.
  9. I thought I had It lined up. I'm about to pull the engine back out now. Yeah no reverse second gear isn't neutral but it won't move at all all and neutral I believe is first
  10. Upon working on it today I learned I also can't shift into reverse and it did not like 2nd at all wouldn't move. I've cleaned iacv and shift sensor. Possibly internal? I was certain I had all the shift forks lined up on the drum.
  11. Hey everyone after dealing with a whole teardown on a 2016 rancher es I got everything back together and I don't have neutral. The display shows neutral but if I start it it tries to take off. Can shift all the way to 5th but couldn't shift down which I believe the downshift issue was the gears on the es motor since I could shift down by the emergency shifter and the triangle gear wasn't in the slot properly It also has a surge idle kinda like a cammed out car. Which sounds wicked but without neutral kinda hard to work with. Since it was late when I got it all back together I haven't done much besides check iacv. I plan on checking and cleaning angle sensor and reassembling the shift motor to check if it'll downshift by that. Any ideas or direction would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Got new cover and timing chain on and she's running well. Thank you for all the advice given on this project I learned a lot
  13. Not sure how. Had it all lined up just tightening the bolts down and just cracked. Was probably already messed up. When I get a new cover I'm gonna replace the chain.
  14. Well she runs no knocking. But boy did I crack the front cover something fierce. Got some jb weld drying to get by until a new case gets here
  15. A couple case bolts broke. About to go finish it up now.
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