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  1. All reassembled and good to go. Something was up with that one way bearing. It tests good but something about it was off new bearing running smooth as my brain.
  2. Got a new one way and put it in she'll idle in gear good. Now its throwing code 22 for shift angle sensor so I gotta figure that one out. I probably got something out of alignment when I tested shifting by hand directly on the shift shaft before reassembly.
  3. its the original one. everything internally looks good the pads on the centrifugal clutch looks good too.
  4. Here's a video of clutch and a picture of the drum. The one way bearing was on correctly. Is the drum supposed to be smooth? 20240710_125704_1.mp4
  5. Top video is what it does when put in gear. Second is normal idle. videos after making sure clutch is adjusted right
  6. 20240708_202902.mp4 20240708_202625.mp4
  7. @shadetree When at a dead stop if I put it in gear it'll jump forward or back and die. If I shift with some throttle it'll go and not stall until I stop. I messed with the idle at the handlebar and nothing really changed.
  8. In 1st gear I can push forward but not backwards and in reverse I can push backwards but not forward. I believe that means the one way bearing is good right? I do have engine braking it seems but when I go to give it some more gas it feels like it's taking a second to engage. Clutch is adjusted properly but still dies when put in gear without throttle or stopping in gear.
  9. I'll check it but I'm kinda thinking one way bearing. Felt like it wasn't engine braking right going down a hill. Gonna do some more checking today
  10. Hey everyone I've had the 2016 rancher 420 running well until this last boggs trip. When you put it in gear it stalls out but if given gas and put in gear under throttle it will not stall. Will also stall out when coming to a stop. I adjusted the clutch and checked iac didnt go through water yet. Everything checked out with the electrical connectors. When its moving its running fine amd will start right back up. Any ideas?
  11. Got everything on and running. Noticeable difference doesn't seem to be running lean. I'm going to be easy on it for a little while let it all break in then see what she really does. I do have a spare 02 delete I can put on maybe it does something with the setup idk but she's back up and going strong
  12. True. I thought something looked off but just went with it.
  13. I feel stupid I had the longer spline collars on the wrong spots. I got it on now. Will report back when the 500 top end is on and running
  14. I'm starting to think it's something with the transmission. I did put the gears all back on the shafts in what I believe was proper order according to the repair manual.
  15. took the arm off. i though it could be the fork rod but its fully down. i need to find my scope cam maybe ill be able to see whats catching
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