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  1. I haven’t disappeared. I will be doing the friction plate and centrifugal clutch job problem in April/May. I will definitely replace everything you mention when I get into this project.
  2. Fish, This sounds very logical and will be the first thing I try when I start this project once the weather warms up. THANKS!
  3. My head hurts after reading all of the Wheeler link “clutch replacement” I won’t be tackling this job for another month or so but glad I have all this reference material. I.m sure I’ll have lots of questions when I get into this project. Thanks for the info all.
  4. could the friction discs have dried out that much in 4-5 years of storage?
  5. forgot to mention in original post I did the clutch adjustment back in November when this symptom first appeared so i could get it to drive up the ramps of my trailer.
  6. Brand New to this forum........................... I have a 1994 Fourtrax 300 4WD that hasn't been used in approx. 5 years. I knew I wasn't going to use it for a while so back then I removed the battery, drained the gas tank completely, drained the carb and stored it indoors in a nice garage under the house out of the weather. It ran pretty ! good when I put it away. Last fall I decided to break her out of the garage for my annual hunting trip in Maine. I got a new YUSA battery, changed the oil and filter cause I couldn't remember last time I changed it (yes I used a good wet clutch oil from a local Kawasaki dealer that assured me it was correct type). The oil was very clean that I drained as I only used this machine once a year for hunting. To my surprise she fired right up and ran as good as it did 5 years ago when I stored her in the garage. Here's my problem.......When I put it in first gear the engine spins and spins as I increase the throttle and eventually she starts moving; when I hit second gear it spins for a few more moments and then feels like the tranny is catching up to the engine, same in 3rd 4th and 5th gear. Eventually she goes like ! but it takes a while. I used it everyday for 2 weeks last November and it didn't seem to get any better. The most I drove it each day was no more than 15 minutes at a time on old logging roads. I didn't dare go off road with it in fear of getting stuck. This machine used to climb very steep grades effortlessly. I put it away in November but just got a chance to seek help in this forum. I plan to work on this as soon as weather gets a bit warmer here in Northeast and I have a game plan for attacking my problem. My question is do I have a friction disc problem or centrifugal clutch problem or something else I cant think of? I have read lots of threads on the internet and watched several you tubes about TRX300 clutch issues and don't seem to be able to diagnose my problem definitively. This motor does not smoke and feels real strong other than not moving very good right now. I am interested in only taking off that side cover once and want to know what preventive things I should replace so as to ensure good performance for years to come. I've not worked on anything internal on the this engine on this ATV, just external stuff like carb cleanings (remember the shadetree sticky for carb cleaning? its laminated and attached to my workbench) and starter and brakes etc. I am not fearful of tackling anything on this thing cause of the help available on this forum. Advice and thoughts are much appreciated. Thanks
  7. Well I made a donation to the site (very happy to do it) and that was painless as I already have a PayPal account! Of course I couldn't find my password for a while but once I did it was easy. I am so grateful for people I know i will meet on this new Honda atv site. Quite frankly if I didn't find this site I would have lost interest in restoring my 1994 300 to its original grandeur as a retirement project. I'm not the most mechanical guy in the world but am very coachable and listen to goody advice. I would be easily intimidated working on internal stuff on my 300 engine without access to this kind of a forum. I'll be posting soon...........................
  8. Shade nay remember me as bobami from plymouth ma. that's the name i used at old forum that's useless now. He always told me when I was ready to get inside my motor and do stuff to seek help on forum. I retired last year so will be looking to really get my old 1994 300 in factory new condition. stay tuned I'll be posting my latest dilemma with that machine. yes i remember most of those names you mentioned, all good guys offering help. thanks for the warm welcome.....gonna figure out how to donate to this site now.
  9. BINGO.........Fishflies nailed it. SHADETREE! Dang that didn’t take long. I can tell already I will enjoy this forum! will make my donation to site tomorrow morning!,
  10. BTW........First person to guess who I am talking about will trigger me to donate to this site!,
  11. Long time member of another forum (won’t mention name) that has become useless since my last visit a few years back. I recently visited that forum and noticed a very familiar name was no longer contributing there and was crushed. Pretty sure that contributor is very active here so I HAD TO JOIN!, looking forward to posting my cry for help as soon as I can articulate my problem. Happy to be in a forum like this one!
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