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  1. Top of the forum board is a link to a gdoc with manuals. Maybe you can upload there?
  2. Welcome. Once you get to Alaska, you won't want to go back. Sell your house now. 😆
  3. Has anyone got hands on the newer 420 service manuals yet? I have a 2020 420 also. Latest model I've seen in the library is 2014.
  4. Good job accessing without removing the swing arm. I think any oil resistant sealant will work fine on that wire grommet
  5. How many KM on it? Is this a private seller or salvage yard? If the latter, might take yours as a core. Edit: sorry you said 9000km. Seems like a lot.
  6. This all I see on ebay. Genuine Honda 98-04 Foreman 450 Cylinder Jug Piston Gaskets Top End 450s 450es | eBay A bit spendy, especially in kahnuck dollars. Reviews on the kit are good and I've used Namura kits on Suzuki's before with no problem.
  7. A couple of sellers offering new cheap carbs with 90 day warranties. Sure, they are probably made it China but we installed one on my buddies 350 and works great so far. Might be good just to get for trouble shooting. Crosses to Honda PN 16100-HN0-672 Caltric Carburetor Carb for Honda 16100-HN0-672 / TRX450FE TRX450FM Foreman | eBay I have had good luck with customer service, quality, and returns with Caltric. Carburetor Carb for Honda 16100-HN0-672 / TRX450FE TRX450FM Foreman | eBay Don't know this seller.
  8. Some of his vids are titled 2004 450ES
  9. The stator area is a btch to access. If you have the tools, I'd say remove the swing arm. Inspect the seals and bearings while you have it apart
  10. Yeah, and no dirt and mud on the logs
  11. Tim-ANC

    Broken key

    Wondering if a magnet would work?
  12. Be sure to wash your hands for 10 minutes after working on the Polaris. Don't get any poo on your Honda!
  13. Doesn't seem to be much of a leak. Probably a seal in there. Try re-torquing the bolts
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