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  1. Sorry I haven't updated in awhile. After extensive wiring checks, ended up sending the PCM back to FS1 and they admitted they didn't program it right. They had it for 2 weeks. Installed again and the shifting problem was fixed. However, I was getting a misfire on #5 cylinder, lean O2 bank faults, and idle was low and erratic. Thought I got the misfire fixed with a plug change. Advice on the F150 forum pointed to possible clogged cats for the idle. The pickup was drivable, in fact used it to tow my cargo trailer with 2500 lbs of wheelers in it. Did well on an 80 mile round trip. Hoped it would clear the cats out but instead the misfire fault came back. More troubleshooting found nothing. The manual said if the injector and plug are good (they are), a misfire with lean O2 symptoms means its a PCM problem. Arragh! FS1 agreed and they have the PCM again. Hopefully, third time is the charm.
  2. @SittyDown Just got the carb done. My wife found the float bowl gasket AFU. Was the source of my fuel vapor leak.
  3. Yes, I sold the old one on ebay. While running, it made an internal chattering noise in the transmission area. It faded at higher RPM
  4. @Brian Bertram great stuff. Last year I replaced the tranny in my 2001 with new built in 2012 and a new oil pump. I found these plastic pieces in the crank case and assumed it was bearing cage. What do you think it is? Never took the hondamatic apart because I wanted to leave it as is to sell.
  5. Power Sports Nation used to rebuild them but I don't see that on their website now. I sold my broken one to a guy on Ebay, he might be a rebuilder. However, don't go for a tranny yet. I replied to you in your other thread.
  6. Down load your manual from this site and check for codes per chapter 23. And like Fish says, oil level is important and the oil needs to be clean.
  7. Many things it could be. Check oil level to start with. Remember, it needs to be checked warm. Does your engine rev up when you have it in Drive? Go to the service manuals menu on top of the forum page and download your manual. Look for fault codes described in chapter 23.
  8. Tim-ANC


    Prince William Sound last Saturday. Biggest halibut is 85 pounds. Got some cod and rock fish too
  9. According to https://www.cheapcycleparts.com/oemparts/a/hon/5053dcfbf870021c54bdbeeb/crankcase-cover-rr 37700-HM7-752 or -751 Spendy little basstard. Can you see a number on yours?
  10. Yeah, I get impatient some times too. Fortune favors the bold. Wow, sloppy on the gasket situation you found. Was it leaking?
  11. Is it the screw or the locknut that is seized on the clutch adjuster? Suggest dousing it repeatedly with penetrant for a day. This wheeler sounds like it's been through !. Good job bringing her back to life.
  12. Welcome. Where you hail from and what 4 wheeler(s) do you have?
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