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  1. So someone put a Honda sticker on it?
  2. You find a manual for it?
  3. Hmm, from what I understand the 420s began production in 2007. Can you post the VIN?
  4. What year is it? And see if the manual is available for download. Check in Service Manuals in the top menu bar.
  5. Nice, the hydraulic rear disc is the way to go. Even the cable operated disc is a marked improvement over the drum and easier to do. I need to do this on my Ruby. Was going to this winter but other projects demanded my time.
  6. I don't see a manual for it it the gdrive. Anyone have one to upload?
  7. Rear wheel cable operated drum brake? If so, about as useful as wet toilet paper. Suggest you open it up and see how corroded and gummed up it is. Does any one know if super ATV has the disc mod for this model?
  8. That's a rough one. Glad you stuck with it and reported back.
  9. Never tried actually tried cooking meat in mine. Just pull it out in spring and smoke the left over fish from winter. There is an electric heater in it but that's just meant to keep things warm and perfect for cold smoked fish. I'll just throw meat on the fire pit in the backyard if I want to cook. Not fond of pig meat which I understand is best slow cooked.
  10. Ugh, belt drive Honda. Abominable.
  11. Yes double wall stainless and insulated
  12. Any one else cook dinner in their fireplace?
  13. Make your own. This out of an old catering cart I bought on Craigslist. Burn alder in an old barbecue pan. A fan sucks the smoke out the top. Reminds me that I need to get the rest of last year's sockeye ready to smoke
  14. Ok, loath to tell this story but peer pressure... Fellow mechanic and friend were installing a cargo door it the aft pit of a 737. Once it's set in place by mechanics from the outside you latch it with the roller cams then us two on the inside hook up the hinges and adjust the shims. About an hour process and you're trapped in there until you get it done. So soon as the door was locked in and the outside mechanics left, I let one loose. My buddy got wicked !. He tried to crawl away to other parts of the compartment to no avail. !, cursing, and moaning at me the whole time. We got the job done in 30 minutes
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