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  1. Unfortunately not unless I have someone else with me ... too many kooks out there and not safe for a woman to drive alone that far! I do have my 9 and 38 though but would be too wussy to use it on another person lol
  2. Yep he sure has! Wish he lived a tad closer though!
  3. Thank you all for the warm welcome! Happy to have called Shadetree and found out about this site!!
  4. What do you mean by a race pot? Sorry I have no clue of what you mean?
  5. I would love to attend the Nascar 500 at least once in my life! I gotta say, our Presidents arrival was epic! Loved hearing everyone break out in the USA USA USA chant! God Bless America, and our POTUS and FLOTUS! America First !
  6. Hi Wilson, thanks for the follow!  Wondered where everyone had gone too :)

  7. Hi everyone, just found out we moved over here from Shadetree who fixed my Balto 2001 TRX450 FM
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