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  1. No, no problems, just thought I would post it as I found it to be a good instructional video for whoever might need it! I do however have a heck of a time in getting "Balto" into reverse as I have problems in getting the little flip handle into the slot in order to keep the reverse button down. I may have to try to grease the cable wire until I can find the time to find someone to do change it out, since Shadetree lives all the way out in Timbuktoooooooooo LOL ....
  2. Thank You, that is truly kind of you! that one turned out great as well!
  3. I like that! If you ever decide to sell let me know plz.
  4. https://www.atv.com/how-to/how-to-replace-a-u-joint-on-your-atv-or-utv-video
  5. Unfortunately not unless I have someone else with me ... too many kooks out there and not safe for a woman to drive alone that far! I do have my 9 and 38 though but would be too wussy to use it on another person lol
  6. Yep he sure has! Wish he lived a tad closer though!
  7. Thank you all for the warm welcome! Happy to have called Shadetree and found out about this site!!
  8. What do you mean by a race pot? Sorry I have no clue of what you mean?
  9. I would love to attend the Nascar 500 at least once in my life! I gotta say, our Presidents arrival was epic! Loved hearing everyone break out in the USA USA USA chant! God Bless America, and our POTUS and FLOTUS! America First !
  10. Hi Wilson, thanks for the follow!  Wondered where everyone had gone too :)

  11. Hi everyone, just found out we moved over here from Shadetree who fixed my Balto 2001 TRX450 FM
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