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  1. That’s my plan with this bike for the wife. I want her to have something nice. Im pretty particular myself. So I know i know I'm going a bit overboard but it’s worth it in the long run. You take care of it. It’s takes care of you.
  2. That’s good to know as well. Thanks everyone I’m learning a lot. You guys are kick !.
  3. Wow. Sounds like a sketchy job. There’s I don’t really have any need to go bigger than 26. Plus I have spares sitting around. Would this make a difference if it was a 400? I don’t have a 450.
  4. Good to know. I’m going to do 450 shock swap and run 26s so not going too big. I just checked my rear end and everything looks like new back there. I’m working my way to the front. I’ll check out the front diff once I get there. Speaking of the tire size is that something I should be looking into a GR? I’m going up 2 inches in tire size all around.
  5. Shadetree I understand you are buying someone else’s problem when buying used I was more or less looking for anything outside of the ordinary that might be a common issue with these bikes. But everything you have listed is something I’ve either replaced, replacing or checking out. thank you
  6. Awesome. Thanks guys. I’ll will download the manual and make my way though that. Jeepmw69 I currently have on order a rear end rebuild and breaks all around. When I was checking the rear breaks I found the bearing was stating to go so I figured i would just replace everything back there while it was apart.
  7. Hello all. Just picked up a 2000 foreman 400 for the wife and I’m going through it too to bottom, front to back. I’m doing this it got me curious. Are there any common problems that these bikes usually have that I would look out. Thanks y’all.
  8. Thanks for the welcoming. Thank you for the information. That’s I will look into G+H Discount. I would like to keep it as close to stock parts as I can. It just seems the top end kits are cheap and I don’t want want to any issues. I want to keep it reliable. Plus it’s the wife’s bike so that’s another reason to keep it up and running.
  9. I guess that’s an option too. I’ve never had anything bored over before. I’ll have to find a shop that can do that for me. If I bore the stock head out am I right in assuming I will need to reject the carb or will stock jets work. I’m new to all of this.
  10. Found you guys! Thanks again for the heads up. I moved over to this site. I will go ahead with my plan to swap out the top end to a 450 because my piston and jug walls are shot. Unless anyone has an OEM jug for sale. The. I’ll just get the 450 piston. Thank you
  11. Hello all. Long time lurker first time poster. I have read a lot on this and I can’t seem to get a straight answer. I bought a 2000 foreman 400 bone stock and it was burning oil. I was hoping it was only the valve seals but as I took the head off to look at the jug I found the culprit. There’s scoring in the jug so I’ve decided to upgrade my 400 to a 450. I know these are a direct swap from the 400 top end to the 450 top end. So my question is besides the jug, piston, seals, and carb 450 rebuild kit. What else has to be done? Some say the head needs ported. Others say no? I need some help before I go already and order what I need. Thanks in advance.
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