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  1. That's a good point on the 2x stuff. And probably most of my issues has been not letting it cure long enough and being impatient. I know when I did my rims they hung in the hot attic for a month while I was at work. The paint appeared to be very hard set. Also, prep is 90% of the job. The better the prep the better the final product.
  2. Nice! I used vht wheel paint plus a couple coats of primer on mine but only did it last year and 1 ride off-road so far. They were in worse shape than yours so I did a full job on them. I did use aerosol version Raptor bed liner for my racks which has a similar texture. It will be interesting to see how they fair. Duplicolor was next on my list and I'll probably get that for my other projects. Rust-Oleum just doesn't hold up in some applications.
  3. Got an update from the wife, the previous peach picture was from last Wednesday. Here they are today. Growing quickly!
  4. Got my spring/summer crop planted before I went to work and rigged up a temporary watering system on a timer. Soil test came back with normal sodium levels so that's good news. Put down compost and and hand tilled up the top layer, saw a lot of worms so that's always a good sign. I planted this time: 4 Roma tomatoes 7 cherry tomatoes 4 cucumbers 2 jalapeno(1 in pot) 1 Tabasco (in pot with jalapenos) 3 sweet peppers 1 shishito pepper in pot 3 squash 1 green bean in a pot We'll get some cilantro when it is available. Apparently everyone is buying it up. Our pea plant is still rolling holding on from winter. I put some Alabama and Georgia peach seeds in the fridge for a few months and they sprouted so I pulled them out and planted them in little potter's.
  5. Has anyone used one of those Eastwood hot staplers for repairing plastic cracks and such? Seems to be something that would work well. It's certainly cheaper than new plastics if it works and is durable. Comes with a bunch of staples for most small jobs so that's a plus. I'm thinking about getting one as I have some cracks in my foreman plastics and a cracked front fender for my Suzuki TS185. https://www.eastwood.com/eastwood-hot-stapler-plastic-repair-system.html
  6. Nice I'm sure I'd have a bunch of questions. Mostly though is what is the grow time for garlic her in Louisiana? Any tips or tricks? Best way to get it growing (fridge for a cold period or just straight from bulb to ground)? Garlic is definitely a gift from God! Cures just about everything. I'm probably going to start planting another batch this time home.
  7. Power sports Nation like you suggested. But yea that master is from a early 2000s CBR 954rr. Got it on ebay in 2013 for my cafe bike build. I needed brakes to go to ride that weekend! Haha! Just had to make sure I didn't break it off!
  8. Well the previous post must have gotten deleted and just the pictures remained. But here's a update of the almost finished foreman. It's a little dirty from going to my sister's camp in Jan. I had to use my street bike's master cylinder because the original failed when I was bleeding the brakes before the camp trip. I ordered a new used unit from a place fishfiles recommended. So I'll install that soon. The rear hand brake cable failed too so I ordered a new one and just need to install it. I also need to adjust the front alignment because it is super sensitive at speed. I think the wheels are toed in too much. I will also adjust the handlebars because they feel like they are in my lap and is making slow speed hard over turns harder. That's the update for now.
  9. Got home to my winter crop doing so so. Kale looks good. Have some late bloomer onions trying to come up so I'll let those keep rolling. The cabbages are basically just leaf clusters, none of them developed a head of cabbage. I'm going to let a couple keep going and see what happens. Garlic is looking nice, only another 5 months before that's harvested haha! My slow growing dill is bigger than I left it 6 weeks ago. Tomorrow I'm going to add some manure and gypsum and turn the top soil over and blend in the leaf mulch I had on top.. next weekend I'll plant our new summer crops. Thesebpictures were from today.
  10. I have a little rotating composter for food and garden scraps but that's just because I see it as a waste not to use veggie scraps from the kitchen. my first compost batch should be ready this spring. I need it to warm up some because I still have sprouts growing in it from seeds that got mixed in. The heat should kill any seed growth. I have buried deep in the garden box fish I've caught that got lost in the freezer and went bad or got freezer burned. I have heard of putting rust and such in the soil but not sure how much it affects iron levels in the soil. It needs to be water soluble for the plants to be able to use it. We'll put down some cow manure this time in. I have seen a few garden and permaculture videos that say not to use horse manure because they eat a lot of hay that has pest and herbicide chemicals in it from where hay gets grown. It supposedly passes through the horses untouched and can affect garden health. They said it takes a couple years for the glyphosate to break down. If you know the horses were mostly field fed on untreated grass then its probably good. I'm sure this applies to cows too so who knows. I'm just going to buy a couple bags from our local nursery. 🤷
  11. Haha yea that happens! Pumpkins too. From what I hear pumpkins are fantastic for soil. I take out old decoration pumpkins and pull the seeds out and put the rest in the compost. My yard isn't Big enough to have random pumpkin plants taking off!
  12. Some thing is better than nothing. You can always slowly reclaim your garden plot every time you plant so you don't have to do it all at once. Heck just toss some seeds in there and let nature sort it out. You may get a good crop!
  13. I still have cabbage and kale still rolling on(and a pea plant that was a late sprouted). I'll harvest that and compost the remains when I get home and get another soil sample because it's still not right. Plant growth is subpar and they keep looking stunted. I'll give the soil a light turn over to get the leaf mulch I put on top incorporated in plus whatever amendments I need. I'll probably plant the usual salsa mix: tomatoes, jalapenos, bell peppers, and cilantro. I'll also try to plant some summer beans or peas too. Other vine plants if I can grab some seeds or seedlings would be cantaloupe and eggplant. May also plant another round of garlic to get a good rotation in. Last year's garlic I planted is still going good and should be ready in June/July I think. Here is the current state of things.
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