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  1. Apparently so, my dad had it so that's what I'm using.
  2. Thanks, Just restore and fix what needs to be fixed best I can and enjoy it. I have other things I'd like to work on and this was supposedly the easiest to get done first.
  3. Yea this is the flat black grill paint. Says it's good to 1200° so we'll see. It's better than it was before and should help keep the rust away a little longer. It may not last long right at the exhaust manifold since it gets the hottest there.
  4. Stripped the bike down as far as I'm going to get it for cleaning and cosmetics. Took the exhaust heat shields off and soaked them in Evaporust to kill the rust. Came out looking nice. The muffler guard needed a spot braised and the intermediate will too. I'm painting them with some high heat grill paint to hopefully keep the rust at bay a little longer. Not sure how long it will last though. Anyone tried this? Also took the fender brackets and foot pegs off to soak in evaporust as well. They will all get a coat of paint. Sanded the racks and bumper with 120g and will prime them later today. Tomorrow I'll hit them with a little more sandpaper and they will get Raptor liner. It's a two part in an aerosol can so we'll see how that works out. Hoping it's a little more tenacious than Rust-Oleum. Soon will be ordering the remaining parts like filter box cover, sparkplug, carb kit, front axle boots and tires.
  5. Fantastic advice thanks! Yes first time doing this but I've done other jobs on equipment so maybe a 9.5 then right? Haha !
  6. I just realized there's a whole other parts section on Rocky mountain.. wow!
  7. Hmm, doesn't seem to have the oring in the cover on that eBay ad. I can get the cover and seal for $20 plus $10 shipping. I don't have that kind of oring material at the house or at work(bigger stuff there). I'd need to see if that seller or another has either the seal or a cover with seal included for less than $30 shipped.
  8. I'm looking for a cover for my 98 450s air filter box. I have seemed to have lost mine someplace. If anyone has an extra they are willing to part with please let me know. I figured I'd see if anyone has one first before I ordered one. Honda part#: 17217-HM7-000 See picture as well.
  9. I wasn't planning on replacing the axles, just the boots. Maybe grab a couple bearings while I'm in it too.
  10. I was going to get OEM off partzilla/elsewhere.. I thought I read somewhere that All Balls quality wasn't good. That's good to know they aren't that bad. I'll look at the manual later today and see the process.
  11. Pulled the fenders and other misc plastics off today to wash. Soaked everything down with some Awesome soap and rinsed the plastics and bike with the pressure washer. (I didn't get too close to gaskets). Was able to get the front rims off but the backs were put on with an impact I believe and I don't have that or a breaker bar. The oil cooler was chocked full of mud so that's clean and clear now. Bike is dry so I sprayed everything down with ospho to kill the rust. I'll spot paint everything black later on. I found out I have a ripped CV boot on the front right axle. Im going to just go ahead and replace all of them while I'm doing it. They aren't that expensive and if one is bad it's only a matter of time before the others fail. On a scale from 1-10 how hard is it to change out CV boots?
  12. Definitely, I don't want crap lines to start deteriorating on me in a year. I'll try to see how much I need when I get back from work. I wonder if Honda service center sells it by the foot or not. I'll have to find out. Or I'll just order the OEM parts.
  13. Welcome, I have a similar 98 450s that was gifted as well and I'm bringing it back to life. If you need a screen repair look for the screen repair thread. Akatv is the guy to look for.
  14. I saw the parts on Zilla, I didn't know they had other info. Good to know, thanks. Sucks they are all different sizes though. I know dimecitycycles has fuel hose you can get by the length, not sure the price difference is. I'll be sure to report back.
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