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  1. I'll be tearing back into the 450 soon. I need to take the exhaust off as the exhaust studs are wore out and the gasket is shot so it's loud and leaks profusely. Also, the steering stem bushing disintegrated and the handlebars move around like a plane yoke. No other updates besides needing to change the master cylinder out.
  2. So anyways, let me tell you about why our country is going to crap.... 😅
  3. Just got home and grabbed a pic of the garden 4 weeks later. Looks like the fertilizer was a hit for the tomatoes. Could see another crop if we don't get a hard frost in another few weeks. Butter crunch lettuce and cauliflower are loving life too. Garlic has made it's slow progress into life but the squirrels are digging around them. I fertilized with chicken manure and put in some phosphate too.
  4. Nice irrigation setup! Garden looks great!
  5. Nice! I tried carrots last year and they started out great but then just withered away. My cabbage didn't do so hot either, just never got big, looked healthy though. I think it was those roots that took over sucking the nutrients and water from the little plants. I have some pots I could probably plant something in so I may try to grow something.
  6. Anyone getting ready for a fall planting?? I have to filter my soil of all the roots and restart the boxes with soilcloth/plastic on the bottom to keep the roots out. Le sigh.
  7. My soil WAS good but I think that tree or whatever is growing in there is sucking it down. I added a couple photos of my problem mesh root system and the tree I think it is. I tried to grow some peas but they were in a big pot and I don't think they got enough water to really take off. I have one huge cucumber I need to take off but it still has a a tiny skinny bottom.
  8. River, we're wrapping up here too. The cucumbers and peppers are still going though. My garlic have all died and are non existent unfortunately. I think the heat killed them. I need to get a box further in the shade. Speaking of boxes, I have something growing into my boxes and I suspect it's sucking the nutrients from my veggies. I think it's the white oak tree in the neighbors yard. It's like a mesh network of roots. I'll get a picture tomorrow. Needless to say, this winter will be me emptying the boxes and shaking the dirt out of the roots onto a tarp so I can put plastic soil cloth down under the boxes to prevent this from happening again hopefully. Other than that it was a pretty good season
  9. I guess he is, the guy Bill I bought the bike from made it sound like it was in the last few years.b
  10. That's cool! Yes it's definitely unique and has style in my opinion. Only think better is the Honda XR650v Africa twin. Really neat bike too. They are almost identical,but the AT is a little more off-road than the TA but not that much.
  11. I recently, right before I came to work, picked up this Honda rarity. It's a 1989 Honda XL600V Transalp locally from a gentleman that had hundreds of old motorcycles from the 70s and 80s. He used to have a moto shop and retired and sold most of his stock parts to David Silver of David Silver Spares. I plan on doing a portion of the Trans American Trail with a buddy of mine who will start in CA and come east in Sept. I'm giving it a refresh with new bearings and fork seals, fluids, etc. Anyways here it is!
  12. This is a thread for sharing what you recently bought or received. Doesn't have to be Honda or ATV related for that matter! If you got something cool let's hear and see about it!
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