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  1. 12m 1.5 yes it has about 10 coils bit tap tool and tang punch
  2. Thanks so far no leaks. Didn't care for the price of helicoil bought at local hardware $60.00
  3. Okay after putting new sensor on and fixing striped oil drain plug. Fan started working. Thank you for all your help.
  4. okay drained oil to put fan sensor switch on. In the process the oil pug came out stripped. Do they make a over size plug or kit to fix. I ran tap in cleaned the threads ran die on plug. Put plug back in touchy tighten up. Any ideas?
  5. Thanks for the info look at them in a minute. wish this was as easy as the log splitter I just got running.
  6. update made a set of jumper wires with the bullet connecters. Plug into fan wires fan runs. Not getting hot wire when key is on at bike connecters. Where does the hot wire come from ? I also put old fan box back on red light didnt come on.
  7. I put a new control box on pulled wire off of sensor grounded it and still no fan. disconnected wires at fan motor run battery to fan still no fan. checked wires from box to fan connecters no power. any indies
  8. we traced a wire that energizes the coil. it comes from the voltage regulator
  9. forgot to mention bought new cid box and new key switch. $200.00 later found out it was the regulator.
  10. I recently had the same problem. Found out the voltage regulator supply's the coil. From my understanding it is only on the foreman's. Friend had regulator off his. Put it on started up. Bought one on Amazon for $25.00. solved problem.
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