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  1. It’s got great compression and the valves were pretty much perfect. I’m leaning more toward timing chain. The guy I bought it from said he just got it out the shop from getting a top end rebuild but who is to say that’s true
  2. Ok guys the noise I was hearing that I thought was my valves turns out it ain’t. I thinking wrist pin slap or timing chain. Got it running and it’s back firing out the carb. What are yalls opinions
  3. Yea i kinda want to try and see if there is any way i can do a 4 or 6 inch lift and maybe a stretch
  4. Well now that i can actually get up and move some without feeling like im gone die lol . The carb is given me a fit but i got the jet kit in and im gone try and get that done today when i get off. Once i get it running like it should im gone run my snorkle got all my vents ran. Then once my clutch kit comes in im gone install that and the gear reduction at the same time. gotta order me a 2 4 2 rebuild kit and im trying to come up with and idea for a lift. I know because it sra my ground clearance is limited im just doing that for looks lol. Because im no where near qualified to convert it to irs. Then my favorite part gone tear it all the way down and throw a paint job on it
  5. @Fishfiles I dont know what was going on. I talked to a few ppl that had it and they told me that it wasnt that bad and when i told em my experience they were like they were just being !!! !!!!!
  6. @Fishfiles Man that crap was horrible lol
  7. Guys im gone be honest i dont know which is worse the covid-19 virus itself or the test for it lol. But i aint posted in a few days. I actually started feeling bad Tuesday at work and my DM made me go get tested and they jammed that q-tip all the way to my brain lol. But this virus aint no joke i didnt move from my bed for 3 1/2 days. But im finally feeling better and actually came to work today. Yall just pray my little girl doesnt get this mess
  8. @Fishfiles I got all this for 118 that including the shipping which was around 25 to 30 bucks I feel like I did good with this but lol. Needs to be cleaned up and when my clutch kit comes in get it all in then install the gear reduction and clutch kit all at once.
  9. I would like to see someone has done it
  10. Do they make em for that old of a model
  11. Well jet kit, new choke cable, oil plug and battery came in today. waiting on my new cdi and coil, gear reduction and clutch kit
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