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  1. Paging @AKATV. He's gonna ask for pics, preferably with the meter and headlights powered up, so he can see what you have.
  2. Glad you got it fixed. Thanks for posting back up with the solution, will likely help someone else out who has the same problem in the future.
  3. Eh, give it a bit and see if you get more attached or less attached to it. If the latter, find someone who will appreciate it and let it go. If you find yourself getting more attached to it, keep it. I doubt you'll see any drop in value on a cosmic over time.
  4. Agree with Fish. I bought several LT3000's when they were $130ish on Amazon for the whole setup. They have not given me any problems at all on any of the machines on which I installed them. Price had jumped up quite a bit last time I looked. Get you a KFI plate and just about any winch should mount to it.
  5. Yeah, I have a feeling the rollers are shot on this one. This is the video I found on replacing the rollers. Looks like a PITA. THIS is why I told the man not to buy a belt drive, but he doesn't listen, and then wants me to fix it. Looks like I need a spring compressor as well Defender.MOV
  6. From all of the reading I've done, all 300 engines will work with any gen wiring harness. You just have to have the whole harness/CDI etc. Do you have a whole 1st or 2nd gen harness with CDI? I get used OEM regulators from PSN. Cheap and they stand behind them.
  7. No college grad would figure that out. That's brilliant.
  8. Welcome to the forum. First of all, yes, you have to use a gasket for proper clearance, so get a front cover gasket. Your clutch adjuster should tighten up the shifting when you replace the front cover. As for it not moving, as Fish pointed out, see if you can wiggle your clutch plates on the secondary clutch. If you can move them at all they're pinched and you'll get a machine that won't move. If they're loose you need to loosen the 4 bolts while wiggling the center and see if you can get them to pop/tighten up. When the secondary is properly put together and tightened down there should be no movement/play in those clutch plates. Let us know what you find!
  9. Father in law bought a 2019 Defender HD8 last year, had about 2K miles on it. Weekend before last he decided to run out through my bog of a duck hole and sank it up to the frame in the mud. He spun way past the "I'm stuck, let's hook up a rope" point. Like to the point where I was yelling "You're stuck! Stop spinning it deeper!". Had to winch him out with my Foreman and the wife's Rubicon, took both machines' winches, and had to rehook and pull several times to get him out far enough to move under his own power. Get in the thing out this past weekend and have a little shudder when starting off. I think "Uh oh, stupid belts". As the day progresses, start to get a noise from the rear that sounds like a belt slipping. Also, and perhaps more concerning, is I get a little rattle when coming to a stop. So, my guess is he smoked his belt, and apparently there are little rollers in the secondary clutch that could also be on their way out. Belt replacement looks pretty straight forward with a $30ish tool and a new belt. Taking that secondary clutch off and replacing those rollers looks to be a little more complicated, and to require a few more tools. Anyone does this job on a Can Am who can weigh in? Looks like the Defender board is dead, and appears to be another victim of VerticalScope. No one has answered my questions there.
  10. That would be me. After I did it I thought "Now there is zero reason that would work, so why the heck were you dumb enough to try it?"
  11. Father in law decided to take his big bad 800 Can Am out through the duck hole last weekend. Sank that heavy sob and had to have mine and the wife's wheelers and winches to get him out. Rode the SxS yesterday and get a squalling from the back when taking off, which if I had to guess is a roasted drive belt. I swear that man could break an anvil, and after he did he'd say "I didn't really do anything, it just broke!"
  12. Perhaps @toodeep or @Melatv would have an idea? Most of us around here are more well versed on the carb'd bikes Did you look in the factory service manual and try troubleshooting from there?
  13. Welcome aboard. Obviously losing power intermittantly, but the question is where. I'd check your fuse box connections and make sure they are clean and that the fuses are making good connections with the wires on both sides.
  14. Well I tried this last week on my MS180. Broke my recoil LOL
  15. I'd look at the wire coming off the bottom of that fuse and see if you can trace it back. Look for rodent damage on the harness. Also, check and see if you have power on the WIRE going into that fuse. I've had a fuse that was good but wouldn't make a good connection with the connector in the fuse box, so fuse was good, tested good, but wasn't sending power out the other leg of the fuse.
  16. Eh, most of the nutjobs that do the actual mass shootings plan on offing themselves in the process. I think a lot of these people are mentally ill, and that issue is compounded by the crap pushed by big pharma to "treat" that illness. I have a friend back in NW Arkansas that I talked to recently. He started taking an antidepressant during a rough divorce. Said the stuff really messed him up,and when he tried to get off of it he had thoughts of suicide, which he'd NEVER had before. Said that medicine made him feel like a different person, and in a very bad way. Almost all of these "mass shooters" have that link, but it is ignored. Now for the majority of what is called "mass shootings" which are gang on gang violence in the inner cities, that's a bit different. My views on the death penalty have changed a bit over time though. Do we really trust the state, which has proven itself to be corrupt and self serving, to execute people? I certainly don't shed a tear when a thug gets deaded while harming or stealing from another. Nothing better than a victim who takes care of the problem, saving the taxpayers the expense of prosecuting, housing etc the thug, but I worry even more about the state herding me onto a railroad car after I've been sentenced for "hate speech" or some other made up crime. Slippery slopes are slippery. I'm not against the death penalty, but I'm leaning more these days towards the idea that the state should not be the one in charge of it.
  17. Hate that. Mom and I bought my sister out of the farm because she’s a spendthrift and we were worried she’d get the whole place in trouble, My best friend growing up (RIP Clint) had a grandfather with about 2k acres. When he died Clint’s dad sold his 1000 acres and ! away the money in less than a decade. Same situation, sold it cheap and the buyer turned around and resold it for 4-5x’s what they paid for it.
  18. looks to be the newer style. pics of both styles in this post
  19. ECM motor driver circuit. @wheelsquad we have a huge library of FSM's in the toolbar at the top of the page. Guessing you're on mobil and downloading a file that big is a PITA on a phone, but FYI. 400 codes.pdf
  20. Not sure on the "only when grounded to engine" part. No spark on that model can be caused by fuel injection relay or the turnover sensor, whatever it's called. If you run a jumper wire from battery + to red/blk terminal on the coil it bypasses those, so try that and see if it starts.
  21. @wheelsquad is probably the most well versed in the 400AT's. See if he has an idea.
  22. Indeed! You guys are the best, which is why this board is the best, but we already knew that! Thanks for all the donations!
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