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  1. 2008 Honda with power steering and shift. My yellow light, power steering is on the display and power steering is not working, any suggestions. Mark
  2. I had the relay clicking again and pulled the cord to move the starter and Bob's your uncle, starter worked again. So I think my first repair will be the brushes. Thanks all for the expert advice. Mark
  3. wilson Thanks for clarifying that, much obliged. Mark
  4. Thanks guys for the info. When you are talking starter solenoid, are you refering to the starter relay up by the battery. The starter does not seem to have a solenoid attached to it. Hope I am clear. Mark
  5. Folks i have had off and on problems with my starter relay clicking and not turning over my engine. Sometimes it turns over first time other times not. Which is most likely the problem? Battery is fully charged and i can start the honda with the pull start. As i understand it the battery, relay or starter needs replaced. Anyway to simply check which one is at fault. Should I just replace the starter? thanks Mark
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