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  1. What are You trying to figure out ? The ignition will fire the plug every revolution one is a waste spark as it is not on the compression stroke.
  2. Sorry put the pictures are not that great to troubleshoot online, can say I specialize in race bikes MX. If one is torn down that far it gets new piston and rings. I am not there to check ring end gap, piston ring groove dimensions and the like. I also cannot see the wear on the nikasil cylinder it will happen at the bottom and top of the stroke. Just trying to help and it can be very hard to do online .
  3. Sounds good, just last week had a bike that lost compression while kicking it over, failed the leak down test big time could hear the air blowing out the carb, gas down the head a valve leaked big time. Bike had sucked in a small bit of plastic from the filter ? Was smashed in the valve seat, I removed the valve saw it wiped it off put it back together and all is good !
  4. Now that the head is off did You pour a little gas down the intake and exhaust to see if it held the liquid or did it run out the valves ? I have the tools to do a leak down test before it is torn down. Is there a problem with the automatic compression release ?
  5. When You turn the engine over slowly ( counter clock wise ) and You see the intake valves open with the cam lobes the next t on the flywheel is top dead center on the compression stroke. At this position check Your valve clearance. I cannot blow up the pictures enough to see You timing marks on the sprockets. The intake cam lobe looks to be in the correct position cannot see the exhaust lobe because the auto decompression works are in the way. The lobe should be in about the same position pointing outward as Your intake cam lobe. These twin cam bikes can jump time for various reasons they can also spin a cam ( sprocket that is just pressed on, spins on the cam,) lobe timing is them WAY off. Just repaired a 2021 KX250 with 19 hours on it that spun the cam and bent a valve.
  6. Can You get a picture of Your timing marks left side cam sprocket and fly wheel on the compression stroke ? Then without turning it a picture of the right side of Your cam lobes ?
  7. 2005 KLX300? If it was in My garage the very first check would be cam timing.
  8. Hard for Me to believe, that Your cylinder will only need a bit of honing with the looks of that piston ! Just My opinion !
  9. Might have been drinking not thinking !
  10. You can not imagine, How nice it is at least for Me ! I am 68 and been playing with these toys since I was 15 !
  11. Just a thought, If it was not that load before ! Maybe Your wrong on top dead center. Easy way for top dead center on the compression stroke ! Turn motor slowly in the proper direction, watch intake valve go down and start to come up, next T You see on the flywheel is where You adjust the valves.
  12. I work on a LOT of powersports toys, had a homemade lift for race bikes, but nothing for street or atv's got tired of being on the ground, recessed and modified a Harbor Freight motorcycle lift, have side extension that just slip on when the need is there ! Been using the ! out of it for five years, always something on it !
  13. Just My opinion! if the thing runs and idles correctly after it has started, I would first check valve clearance !
  14. I know it is a long shot but have You checked the SENSOR ASSY., AIR TEMPERATURE Part# 37880-RE1-Z01 Had a race bike last year that was having crazy start and run problems after too much time spent found the air sensor was causing the problems.
  15. That is super cool ! How the heck did You end up with it ?
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