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  1. Maintenance times on motocross race bikes We use easy to install hour meters. They are cheap and work great !
  2. I have been rebuilding motocross crankshafts for 19 years. I have a 35 ton press and a jig for assembly.. A 20 ton press was not enough to get them apart.
  3. Been a while since I repaired this one. Best I can recall is someone had played with the shift adjustment and it started jumping out of gear but they kept pounding on the unit and I replaced some gears that were worn. The machine also needed a few sensors and a initial setting done to make everything work as it should. The machine was treated VERY bad and lived in water and mud.
  4. Will it move at all when in the forward gears ? Might be a sub transmission problem ! I only played with one hondamatic it barley tried to move lots of grinding noise. The repair was just the simple sub transmission used parts were bought from eBay and it worked like a new one when done.. I did not pull the engine for the repair pulled the swingarm and rear end was able to do the repair with the engine in the frame.
  5. Does the machine move in reverse normal with no noise or clattering?
  6. I think the old engine is a four stroke and crank seals will not be involved.
  7. I would also check for air leaks. s
  8. The bolts coming loose might not be very common but I have seen it more than once!
  9. Looks like You have some gouges and worn nikasil on the exhaust port and some aluminum stuck to the nikasil on the intake side. Does not look pretty. What does the piston look like ? Muriatic acid removes aluminum from nikasil plating.
  10. I was just going to ask for an update! Hope it goes well!
  11. Is the crankshaft centered in the case ? I take a feeler gauge to both sides and center them. I do have a press. Though as to deep said are You sure the main bearings were completely seated ?
  12. Should go on with no problem. Sometimes the seal is a bit tight a little lube and a tap or two should do it.
  13. On most cases there are hollow steel dowels at the very rear and possibly front, Heat that area with some pressure on the seperator tool and with right side down crack the counter shaft with a plastic dead blow hammer. They all come apart just did a KX250 last week new main bearings and seals and rebuilt the crankshaft with new rod, pin, bearing and spacers! Good Luck !
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