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    had another small warm spell, 56 last night, which may have been as warm as it was during the day, only to be followed by cold again. 37 now, 26 predicted. bumpy weather roller coaster this fall an who knows what winter will bring. could be tropical, could be Alaska type weather. i seen a picture of my dads cousin once, he was in the Air Force, stationed in Alaska. 50 below, ans he was outside in a t-shirt, making a snow woman. no wind i guess, an the sun was out.
  3. As I stated in my last post…. Picked up some new rear tires just now, 24x10x11 maxxis M978 tires from a newer rancher. Pics don’t quite do justice, y’all have to trust me when I say they look like they have less than 200 miles on them. No plugs or patches, and I got them locally for $60 for the pair. I’m not a huge fan of the mudlites, and they have a couple plugs in tnem so when I saw these I decided to go for it. I’ll be looking for a pair of M977’s for the front. People think I’m nuts to get rid of the aftermarket wheels that were on it and put the originals back on, but there’s a reason for the madness: people buy machines and then take off new or nearly new tires in favor of bigger meaner tires. That leaves boring people like me with a steady supply of almost new takeoffs for cheap.
  4. -check your battery voltage at the negative and positive terminal -Then with your red lead of the multimeter on the positive terminal, check your voltage with black lead to the frame to make sure your ground is good -if you have voltage go to next step -With a black lead on the battery negative you want to check to see if you have voltage at the two wire plug that comes off the positive terminal that goes to the starter solenoid -then check the red wire at your regulator rectifier to see if you have battery voltage there -Then you can check out your ignition switch harness red wire to see if you have battery voltage (-or you can just start at the ignition switch and work your way backwards) either way, let us know what you find out and where you have it, or do not have it, and we can take it from there -AKATV
  5. Well, we can start by following power out of the battery and see where it ends. Do you have a multimeter? -AKATV
  6. I may be able to help you but I am busy today. I will try to come back tomorrow. Are all of the electrical parts on your Rubicon genuine Honda parts? Aftermarket parts do not work at all so you must be sure! Quizás pueda ayudarte, pero hoy estoy ocupado. Intentaré volver mañana. ¿Todas las piezas eléctricas de su Rubicon son piezas originales de Honda? Las piezas de repuesto no funcionan en absoluto, ¡así que debes estar seguro!
  7. The Black/yellow inside the CDI connector provides voltage to the ignition coil, so you should be measuring in resistance mode (between Black/yellow and ground) rather than continuity mode. I am busy now but I'll be back as soon as I can to help you troubleshoot. If there are any aftermarket electrical parts on your Rancher you'll need to replace them with genuine Honda parts before troubleshooting. Aftermarket parts do not work at all --- and in some cases fry other expensive OEM parts the moment they are plugged in. Be back later....
  8. No sir. I hope I can/we can. Just frustrating. Hooked everything back as it was originally and now nothing. Thank you for responding to my post.
  9. it shows 14.7 volts,the cdi and rectifier were made in china.
  10. We can sort it out, sounds like you have a wire unhooked, fuse bad or something similar -do you have the wiring diagram/service manual? If not here you go, wiring diagram is in the back https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1VocUaF1K4_fDh_SVCaq3Rkc747M58ZQd Double check fuses to be sure Check your battery neg/ground wire to motor connection
  11. Bad to do that, especially if you possibly have a bad voltage regulator what voltage are you showing at the battery with the machine running at half throttle? Also- did you replace with Ebay China parts or Honda new/used parts -AKATV
  12. Ok went back a wired back in the original harness and now no power, no oil or neutral light etc. battery good jumped starter from solenoid and turned over. Fuses good?
  13. i have tried running it with the battery disconnected and doesnt help.
  14. It did, the adjustment is just about right and made it much easier to shift. The downside is I boogered up the threads on the adjustment screw because it was so tight. I’ll have to replace it at some point, but for now it’s shifting great.
  15. I was leaning more to thinking this is an electrical, issue, seeing as he had said that it will rev up when you turn the lights on, but will not when they are turned off? I didn’t know if the CDI might be cutting out due to over voltage and the additional load from the lights etc. was bringing it back down- just a thought -AKATV
  16. Hi: This could be caused by a dirty carburetor, dirty fuel filter, dirty air filter, bad petcock, valves in need of adjustment, faulty spark plug -- what are you using for gas?
  17. i live in nortwest bc,my ride is a 2002 honda foreman es.
  18. thats a great movie, but naw Lol.... okay.....a young man delivering a car from Chicago to San Diego, spots a man hitchhiking and gives him a ride.
  19. Where ya from? Canada's a big place . Wutcha ridin? 😝
  20. Geez gotta give me more than that lol.. its not Max O/D is it?
  21. I will. I'm about to dive into it.......Thanks!
  22. You need to disconnect negative (black wire) at battery to remove all power from harness It would help a lot to post some pictures to help sort it out -AKATV
  23. Yeah definitely. Havent tried that yet. Should I disconnect the old harness from power? If so, how is it wired. I don't see where its wired to the battery. Thanks
  24. Something DEFINITELY isn’t wired correctly if your light switch is making your starter turn over Does your starter button work normally when you unhook the harness? -AKATV
  25. thanks i checked voltages and seemed to be in range,tried an aftermarket rectifier and it wouldnt rev at all.another issue is it stalls when i put it in gear,so not sure if this part of my other issue.
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