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  2. Colorado Who ? >>>> Prime What? >>> Is " Skunkin' " a word , it is now = 42 to 6
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  4. I took off the rear end (one of the pivot bolts got hung up and was spinning freely) so that was a grand ole fun time. Still does the same thing soon as I go into gear shuts off. It will shift through the gears with a little rocking back and forth. I have a few more videos I’ll add too after I dropped rear end. What I’m thinking really just a shot in the dark Cdi? I did replace it with an Amazon cdi I’ve read and I believe you mentioned also that they were not very reliable. Also I do think the rear end is another issue in itself. I think the loser I got it from just pieced together something that looked like it had potential and got the first sucker to buy and that was me. I’m not gonna give up though I’m determined to get this thing going now.
  5. LedFTed

    TV antenna?

    height of antenna plays in, plus direction from signal. a good antenna tower, so to speak, not the iron poles or aluminum, i used that bent from the wind. was me moms house, and couldnt talk her into a decent set up. perfect land for wind power. constant breeze.
  6. Its still could be. But your gunna want to wait for someone else to chime in. There are alot more utility quad guys on here. Someone should be along shortly. But your video and description sounds exactly like when a 400ex does it.
  7. I think they are.... look real enough.... she seems proud enough to show more then she should .....lol! I'd sware theres not that much deference between some actors and actresses in Hollywood... then the of your adverage gutter trash idiot (so called) porn star.... doesn't seem ether have ever acquired the least bit in character or mortality ......
  8. So that might not even be it then
  9. Oh yeah thats nothing like a 400ex. Ours are all internal. No lever on outside or anything.
  10. That im not sure about. Like i said utility quads arent my thing. But on 400ex's we just remove them. They are electric start and its a carry over from when the same motor was in the xr400 dirtbike. Which was kickstart. And if it wasnt electric start i would never suggest removing it. Your kickstart backup will be alot harder to kick if its removed. On the 400ex you remove it from the cam. Press the sprocket hub off the cam and take it all off. You have to seal up the holes where it would get oiled. I always used jb weld and it worked just fine. Then you remove a little plunger and spring that went down into a hole in the cylinder head.
  11. Yes, it's electric and kick , no pull....ao I can just remove it from the head ?
  12. Replace the cam with one that has a new auto decomp mech on it. Or remove it. Is the quad pull start, electric start, or kick start? And no problem bud. Thats why we are all here. Always happy to help.
  13. So what would be the solution, and thanks for the info
  14. They arent usually bad. Just overtime get loose. They will make a real random ticking that is usually worse when cold. Gets better when its warmed up. But sometime at complete random will chatter and stop. If it has one mounted on the cam i would bet thats your problem.
  15. It does have one.....you think it could be bad? If that's even possible
  16. Most of the time those mystery topend ticking sounds that come and go are the auto decompression mechanism on the cam. I dont know anything about the utility quads and its possible this engine doesnt have one at all. But that has been my experiance with random noises that come and go.
  17. Just lift the head, lift, the cylinder and pull the lifters Then you can either look down the lifter holes to inspect the cam lines and position or just take the 12 mm bolt that holds the cam in place and remove it and the tensioner and slide the cam out for inspection Keep in mind if you choose to do this, you’re going to need a new cylinder base gasket -at least But before you go down, that rabbit hole…. Do you have any historical data on the machine? How long did your buddy have it for and when did it start doing it when he owned it? Has there been any work done on it to your knowledge? Also, do you have the Honda Factory service manual for your machine download from our library on this model?
  18. swampman... those look so real, dont they.
  19. looks like its got a 2 gallon reserve.
  20. 1988 honda fourtrax/foreman 350 Thought it was valves, but had them adjusted....this sound is random...comes and goes....not constant, but does it randomly....any clue? thanks in advance
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