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  1. That's good to know! I can't seem to find much of anything really for parts I guess the 400fa isn't common 🤷
  2. Thanks for tip I will have to check that. What would be genuine Honda parts be ? Shindy pistons?
  3. So I got some prices from Honda for piston it's 110 for standard or oversized, rings are more money for oversized though... Crank is alot hopefully mine is ok.. I removed piston and connecting rod looks straight but it is blue and so is crank is this ok? There is a little side play but no play up and down tight. Piston is beat 🤣. Iam still breaking everything down just need to read and watch more vids before I get ahead of myself. Currently searching for used head... Anyone got one? Valves and spring are very cheap I was happy on that price
  4. Well easy parts done.. she's sitting on bench, time to tear into it and check specs. Source a top end hopefully bottom is ok gotta check can chain ect
  5. So tore into her today and she dropped a exh valve... Heads has alot of damage I believe she'll need to be replaced.piston has a hole through it.. cylinder has some small nicks not to deep not sure if I can save it. With the hole through the piston I decided to take motor out to go through to check everything and clean. I got motor out so far just need to clean up bench ect..what's best place to buy a head and piston or brand.. located in Ontario canada
  6. Ya depression could set in..
  7. Ya iam thinking the oil wasn't gettin to the top perhaps oil pump failure.. the more i think about it... She's probably gonna have to be split and inspected.. check pump ect.. I will have to print manual out start reading up on the old girl... If I get a chance I will post pics of hours and kms
  8. Never noticed excessive heat but these are some facts lol quad was a old cn railway unit it's has 20thous km.. it seemed underpowered like 45km max speed.fan was rigged to come on when switch is on ie key.. yes it's a toggle switch 🤣 the oil light was on but had oil ... And just before she went, limp mode kicked on speed dropped to 15km then boom after about 5 min trying to get back to shore..
  9. Appreciate all the info 🤞on crank lol. I do know one thing nothin but OEM parts on my stuff especially internals there's a reason it runs forever... Honda.
  10. Have to break out smoker for that lol. I made those burgers slowly, during Valentine's Day. wife was like wht u doin... Aaaah burning old stuff off grill and then making burgs 🤣 no iam not in garage 🤣
  11. I do know if ! gets past rings then iam into it lol. I have only rebuilt one motor and it was a old Onan motor. but the Honda shouldn't be to crazy from the opposed Onan.. hopefully Honda parts are cheaper lol than Onan parts...
  12. Hopefully next couple days get head off I just hope bottom end is ok..
  13. So I got Time during cooking burgs on the barbie. I ripped all plastics,tank off then tore top valve cover off...so something dynamited lol I grabbed onto valves and springs I couldn't get them out by hand so not sure if they broke...but not ruled out yet I gotta take head off still.. here's the pics of the spark plug that is gone lol. lookin in spark plug hole its alot of aluminium shavings so not great
  14. No weird noises just was in limp mode then just a pop and a clank . everything just stopped instantly I was going about 15km hr. The quad was working great all day but on my way in I noticed esp limp mode was on then she was a tow in..
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