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  1. NEW QUESTION. How do I set the TPS. I've looked into the service manual which gives me no real guidance. What should the volts/ohms be at full close?
  2. Ok so good news. I got the thing running right. Not sure exactly what I did, but I took off the neck from the carb to the cylinder head, cleaned it up and the oring. Spread some high temp RTV, cleaned the filter to the sub air filter, the little cone shaped dude in the gas tank. Also replaced all the spring clips on the vacuum hoses with hose clamps. She seems to be doing just fine now.
  3. Ok. So I was able to figure out the connector. There was a tab I didn't see on the carburetor side. So the new carb is in. The quad starts much easier now and idles better, though there is still a little skip in the idle. Theeeeen the RPMS suddenly go way up probably near 2000 and it suddenly drops, stumbles for a bit and dies. At this point I think the carb was an issue that is now fixed. So, WTF
  4. I have tried to pull that connector apart. It just doesn't want to let go
  5. I didn't mess with the TPS. I did try the computer reset which didn't work. I've been wondering about the carb heater. Is it really necessary? I heard it switches on under 45 degrees. And how the ! do you disconnect that thing anyway?!
  6. Right. I don't have the new one yet.bis the TPS usually a problem? The TPS on the old carb is still good.
  7. I havnt RECIEVED and installed the new carb yet. It's the old one giving me trouble. What is it with after market carbs? I have never had trouble with after market parts on any of my vehicles. It had a 5 star rating. I keep hearing they are the problem but if it's made with the same materials and same dimensions, what's going wrong?
  8. Is this why there is a one way valve on the hose on the bottom of my bowl? This was leaking. When I looked it up, it said that could just be plugged
  9. No. I purchased the most expensive aftermarket. Which was still hella cheaper than OEM
  10. WA state ethenol content is about 15 percent. The carb has been cleaned 4 times. I've been over it all with a wire and carb cleaner. I don't get it. It was running fine for a weekend and then went to crap. It leaks fuel out of the intake and when I did an oil change I drained a bunch of gas out of the crank case. Pretty sure the float isn't closing. I assume that alone would greatly effect the operation?
  11. Just got my first quad. Here is some details so far. It sat in a barn 10 years! 05 Honda rancher trx400fa Changed oil New batt New air filter Cleaned carb w/wire and cleaner Flushed gas tank New fuel shut off valve/filter New spark plug Had ethenol fuel, changed to non eth. 92 Oct When I got this thing, cleaned the carb. Fired right up. Runs and drives great everything works. Then it started "missing" it seems. Spark plug carbons up right away. Tried cleaning carb again. Adjusted mix. Has a real hard time starting idle lops and back fires then dies. Sometimes it idles like crap then the RPMs go up out of control. I can bring them down if I shock it with the choke. It seemed around the same time I changed out fuel. But I don't think the fuel is the problem. New carb on the way. Is there anything else I should be looking at?
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