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  1. Yeah I need to buy one for it, I just didn’t think it would matter considering it’s needs like 270cca and this battery has like 600cca
  2. Still having the same thing going on, I can choke it with my hand until it cranks, then it literally runs perfect without any issues until I kill it again, then same scenario. Also choking it makes it turn over easier
  3. I have to get around to checking the timing, in other news I got it to run by choking it and then it ran great honestly. Revved out, idled fine, no backfires, but I’d kill it and it wouldn’t start again unless I choked the intake again. Would it do that if it was a tooth out? It definitely has me stumped at this point, it’s just being weird lol
  4. Okay sorry I misunderstood I guess. My bad. I’ve already done what you just mentioned with the valves, taking your advice from another thread somewhere. I was talking about timing the camshaft. The way I did It when I rebuilt it was set the cam with the 3 timing marks (one down and 2 parallel with the cylinder) So just to be clear, when I’m setting the timing on the camshaft as long as it’s tdc that’s fine right?
  5. Thanks glad to be here! So how do you decide if it’s on the compression stroke if the head is off to check the timing? I feel like the service manual didn’t mention any of this lol
  6. So I’ve got a 680 I just rebuilt the top end in. All new components and also the only reason for the build was a light smoke caused by the rings being worn. I can’t get it to start, I’m positive it’s timed correctly. The only was it will run for any time at all is if I choke the intake with my hand. Thanks for any help I’m stumped on this one
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