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  1. Well it was either the stator or the pulse generator that was bad. Changed both and it revs like it should. there was a little smoke so i checked the valves and one was a little out by about 4 thousandths. but now i have another problem, the gear position switch is messed up and i cant find another one anywhere. was thinking of doing the neutral switch mod.
  2. Yes did that today. The voltage regulator is bad and the stator is weak. gonna change the stator, voltage regulator and pulse generator when parts come in.
  3. yes the slide works fine. I Can blow air into the carb and the slide goes up and goes back down when I let off the air. Tried the new CDI box today and the new one wouldn't even start it while the old one will. which means either the new CDI box is bad or its not getting enough voltage to produce spark or its wired wrong. the new OEM Honda pulse generator comes in sometime between the 7th and 9th. hopefully it is that and not the stator.
  4. that's why I am thinking CDI box or Pulse generator. It maybe that one of them is going bad but its not bad enough yet to cause no spark, like maybe the capacitor went bad in the CDI box but it is still enough to let it idle but cant keep up when under throttle. I have a CDI box coming tomorrow from amazon, will switch that out to see if its that if no change then I will return it and try the pulse generator when it comes in.
  5. tried several times to rev it up with starter fluid and same thing, dies when given throttle. even tried to bypass the carb and spray fuel directly into the intake as well as starting fluid. same thing happens. any specific years for those carbs?
  6. did the gas line and as soon as i hit the throttle it died.
  7. I'm thinking its the pulse generator or cdi box.
  8. the engine idles just fine. its when I give it throttle it will die. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to have the throttle open when doing the compression check so the 70 psi number is when the throttle was closed, I did the check again with the throttle open and got 95 psi. the lines match what you are saying.
  9. when the line on the crank cage line is at the 12 o'clock position the line under the t mark is in the middle of the sight hole. there is another raised mark at the 1 o'clock position but it looks like a directional arrow like something you would see on tires.
  10. compression was at 70 psi. Auto zone tool so it might be 78psi. the timing marks aren't lining up like you said. the t mark is about halfway in the sight hole but the line on the crank cage is just a little past 12 o'clock.
  11. it is a 400. i can understand not buying knock offs. if was gonna keep it i would buy a Honda carb. but I plan on selling it. most people when buying a used 4 wheeler wont care if the carb is a cheap china knock off or a real Honda carb. all they are concerned about is if it runs and doesn't smokes. so if I cant recoup the costs when selling it its not worth it in the end. right now I have about 400 dollars into it. the new speedometer is gonna cost me about 450 dollars. at most I can probably get 1500 when i sell it, if i were to get a new Honda carb that would put me at about a 200 dollar profit if it sells for 1500. its not worth it in m opinion
  12. Well i am stumped on another problem now. i can get the motor started and it idles fine but when i give it gas it dies. the carb is clean plus i bought a new carb because the one that was on it didn't have air cutoff valve as it was an amazon special as well as the one i just bought but a lot better. I just cant justify spending 400 dollars on a Honda carb. the new carb does the same thing, dies when given throttle. pulled the spark plug and it was wet and black. which means it is getting fuel. I'm thinking its not getting a strong enough spark so maybe the pulse generator or stator is bad. any other ideas?
  13. Well I figured out 2 things. 1. I need gasses, I can no longer see things up close anymore without it being fuzzy. 2. 2 of the fuses were bad, which I found out after I tested them in the fuse box with my multimeter with power going to it. So after replacing the fuses it has lights and spark and it even ran with what little gas was in it. gonna clean up the wiring mess the people I bought it from did. then oil change and filter then buy new air filter, battery bar for the seat, speedometer, mud flaps for the plastics and the rear storage box. Thanks for the help.
  14. I'm fairly sure that's not the case. the guy had it out in the yard for everyone to see. i have ran the vin number and nothing about it came up. Most of the time people just lose the key cut the wires and tell themselves they will buy a new key switch next week but end up never doing so.
  15. thanks for the reply about the neutral light that gives me another area to start testing. i will get the Speedometer on order soon. i don't think it is stolen the guy had it out in the yard for anyone to see. but you are right it will be needing a bunch more parts. if anyone has pics of under the seat where the battery goes would be helpful for in acquiring those parts. it is missing the parts for the seat latch and the rubber parts the seat plastic pieces go into. and maybe a cover, I'm not really sure i have never owned a foreman before so I don't know what all is supposed to be there. is there an IPB (illustrated parts break down) of honda foremans some where?
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