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  1. I replaced the fuel pump and now it runs fine. I guess the pump was barely supplying enough fuel before. It would somehow catch back up between shutoffs and keep running sometimes.. so far, it's running fine with the new fuel pump. It hasn't missed a lick yet. Before, I could only go a few feet before shutoff.
  2. I'm having a hard time figuring out the cause of my pioneer shutting off. In neutral, it continues to run but the display cycles the lights and icons like it does at startup except it's doing it every minute or so without me turning the key. However, if I'm in drive, the engine will shut off as the disply cycles. It happens after just a few seconds of driving. In the past, it was much more random but now it's constantly doing it. I've changed the main ground wire, installed a new start switch, changed the spark plugs, even switched out a new ECU.. nothing has fixed it yet. Could there be a sensor somewhere that would do this? Also, it won't stay in MT mode anymore. It swithes itself back to automatic mode and shuts off when it shifts to 2nd. Any help is appreciated! I'll try to attach a video of the display. 20230519_202006.mp4
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