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  1. You can contact Healtec on their website and find out which years of Honda's this will work for. They cover multiple makes of bikes.
  2. Problem solved, With this tool and harness you can remove speed limiter. Which will increase your speedo to 180 MPH, follow the procedures in the manual and it will allow you to add 180 miles per hour with key on. When you reach the desired mileage on speedo, Turn key off. It will also allow you too calibrate your speedo to compensate for larger tires. Healtech SpeedoHealer V4.0 Control Unit Offroad and Healtech SpeedoHealer V4.0 Harness Only Offroad
  3. Yes, the one in it is toast, due to my winch catching fire, wiring replaced but still need new meter.
  4. Ok, Thanks for your time, I am going to do some research and figure out if i can take the VS sensor out of the bike and simulate the impulse signals at a accelerated rate.
  5. So getting back to my problem, Is it possible to add miles to a new meter?. Or do i have to put on jack stands and spin to tire for a week. LOL
  6. AKATV, press and hold button in and it will switch back to KMS
  7. I just found out the meter will display in KMS and MPH, You go to odometer and just hold the button down for a few seconds to switch to your preference. Part # for meter is 37200-HR4-305
  8. Thanks AKATV for the fast response. The meter is in KMS and the bike is a 2014 Honda 500 Foreman FM. Part # for meter is 37200-HR4-305
  9. Does any one know where I can send a new meter to add the proper mileage of a Honda ATV.
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