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  1. Finally got the chance to ride it after the new carb kit and adjustments. The brass orifice in the air cutoff was still there, but the gaskets on it looked bad. Took a while because the battery completely crapped out on me and I had to replace it too. Running like a dream, and no backfire. 😎 thanks again for all the help!
  2. Haha uuhhh well that’s good to know. It’s definitely not clogged anymore I literally saw the clog and watched what ever it was shoot out of the port when I sprayed it for a few seconds. I believe it was just behind the air cut off valve pictured above. I did a very thorough cleaning this second time. I am 100% rocking an Amazon special carb kit that had Chinese all over the package. I’ll get it swapped out for shindy considering I trashed all the old parts already. Tachometer is on the way so I can get it adjusted correctly as well. thanks for all the help guys! I’ll update on the backfiring once I get the new kit and tach
  3. That’s what I figured. Ordered a tachometer 👍
  4. Well it was a port in the carb. I must have over looked it when I was doing the rebuild. But when I found it I could see it was clogged. Rhode it around in second gear for a bit after getting the idle right. Noticed a little backfiring on deceleration, but I had that issue I believe that last time it ran. Just seems a little worse now. is this from the air/fuel mixture screw?
  5. I’ll check that hose tomorrow too before I begin pulling the carb back apart. I just sprayed all the parts and ports really good with carb cleaner and replaced the parts that came in the new kit.
  6. I rebuilt the carb added a new choke cable and emptied my gas tank and sloshed it around with some high test.. never suspected it to be the issue. I’m guessing I did something wrong in the rebuild. gonna go back through it all tomorrow morning hopefully. I did notice a tiny bit of fuel on the opening of the carb on the air filter side. Is that a specific issue or was it just from me plunging it too much to pull fuel in or something?
  7. Retro it ran for a second or two with the gas in the plug hole. You should have seen my face.
  8. Maybe I’ve just done too much reading on forums and have one giant brain fart that kept me from realizing what I was being told. So if there is spark the motor should be firing. unless it’s fuel or timing. the no neutral light/display issue is completely separate because I have spark. I’d love to get that fixed as well but if it’s not preventing the motor from running it’ll go on the back burner for now. I’ve bought a new NGK DPR7ea9 and some starter fluid. I’ll be back with results once I give that a try, thanks guys
  9. yes that’s correct i did fail to mention that it shifts through all the gears but only displays R,N,1,-,-,-,5. Red light comes on in reverse. I’d like to add that I’m more mechanically inclined. Electronics/wiring is not my forte.
  10. I’ll give it a try in a day or two when I can get free’d up to mess with it. Thanks retro. In the mean time can you tell me anything about the neutral safety switch? Is that a possibility? When I cut the light green and red stripe wire I just jump one of the ends to the negative terminal? Which end? And do I do anything with the other end?
  11. It’s got a fresh spark plug that’s been gapped to the manual’s specs. I don’t know that it is an NGK. And a trickle of gas in the spark plug hole is a new one on me, sounds sketchy haha
  12. ’ve got a 2000 Honda foreman trx450es when I bought it, it was burning oil and I ignored it. Don’t judge me. Anyways it was fine I drove it around for maybe two years blowing smoke everywhere I went. One day while riding it just shut off by itself and would not restart. I thought well the rings finally gave and need a new top end. I rolled it into a building and it’s sat for two years. I’m trying to get it going again. I’ve replaced the top end and all the seals etc adjusted the valves by the book. Rebuilt the carb, charged the battery, changed the spark plug and it has spark, checked all the fuses. Compression is at 80psi. Kill switch is in the correct position. It turns over but doesn’t fire with the button nor the chord, it’s in neutral although the green neutral light isn’t on. I’m lost as to what needs to be checked. Is it timing and is there a way to check it without the front case being pulled? Is it electrical? I attempted to ground a light green and red wire but that just made it do some weird stuff and it stopped trying to turn over (I may have done it incorrectly) but I’m not sure what else to throw at it. I’d like to avoid cracking the case if I don’t need too. I’ve posted in the foreman forum but saw someone say in another post that I could get more help here. Thanks In advance!
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