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  1. To me it definitely sounds electrical so I was leaning towards cdi. I cleaned carb and everything is in order with it. This is like a hard wall where it cannot rev up. I am going to order an oem cdi because it at least will crank with the new cdi so that tells me the old one had to be bad.
  2. It runs. It just won't rev up. It's like it's hitting a rev limiter
  3. I'd rather have the electric start but when I got it the battery compartment was in bad shape. Alot of rust some of the previous owners handywirk. Could this be a symptom of timing at all?
  4. Has no battery. And yes I've done that too.
  5. There was one more thing about that cdi that I forgot. The four prong and two pro g plug are on opposite side on new one. Could one of those wires being on the wrong pin cause that kinda symptom or would it just not run
  6. The old cdijust had the brand onit I believe. I looked but don't recall any numbers
  7. Getting good gas.new cdi aftermarket. I thought that it might be accdi so I made sure to order a dc aftermarket and it won't fire at all I have not officially tested the compression shade tree but it'll break your leg without the compression release. Oh yes. Also. I have continuity between my plug wire and my frame. That shouldn't be should it
  8. Hoping for plug but I'll let you know later today
  9. Carb is good. Safety neutral I mean the wires going into the bottom of the block that lets you start it only in neutral. I have not made it to a spark plug yet. At least not a new one. Aftermarket. If you e ever tried to run an ac appliance on na dc load you'd see that it only hits like once a second as opposed to being fully powered. That's what it's doing. It's not that it's bogging down it's that it's missing but not in a bad plug type of way but a way I've never experienced like it's electrical it doesn't pop and backfire it just like skips and won't take gas. Getting plenty it just won't allow it to rev up
  10. So I have an early nineties 300 fourtrax 4wd. It ran great until it didn't one day. It just died. I waited a while went back and kicked it and it cranked right up. Well it happened again and no such luck. No fire and no neutral light. I ended up pulling the safety neutral and it was dry rotted and shorted between all wires. I fixed that and ordered a new cdi and put another coil. Now the bike runs but it hits line there's a dc voltage trying to push an ac load. It won't take the gas but it doesn't at all seem fuel related but electrical somehow. Can't find anything on this issue. Anybody been here before? I wish I could load an audio file
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