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  1. Sorted it with a second hand oem cdi. Fired straight up
  2. I get a restiance of about 2 on the black yellow wire
  3. Thank you for your reply I will complete these bits this evening. I have cleaned all grounds and connections
  4. Hopefully someone sees this who knows. But should my black/yellow wire have continuity to ground with ignition on or off? Sorry I’m not the best with electronics. But with multimeter in continuity test at cdi plug it is showing continuity to the green white wire and to chassis ground
  5. Neutral light is on. Stator ohms out okay but don’t seem to get resistance when checking at cdi plug? I don’t have a peak voltage meter so cannot test that. But when testing on ac don’t seem to even get a flicker at coil or 5 pin plug.
  6. Recently acquired a 2005 350 which has no spark. I have tried a diffrent spark plug. Is there a step by step guide on procedure to check ignition wiring? I have 3 diffrent wires coming into the cdi showing 12 volts. And all showing continuity. Is there a way of checking cdi? Stator? Regulator? Want to be fairly sure before chucking parts at it.
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