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  1. Ok i will go take a look at the muffler area thanks @shadetree , Ya besides this it is running and shifting perfect since replacing that star gear..... I remember this card from when i was a kid, Ya ole' Oil Can was an menace on and off the field.
  2. Lol no but I have a handful of his cards, I pitched in Junior College but never had the skill of the Great Oil Can Boyd, LOL
  3. 1995 Foreman 400(TRX400FW) Hello everyone, I've been dealing with this for over a year now and could really use some help to shed some light on it. Last August, I encountered a problem with shifting beyond 2nd gear, which I was able to resolve ( @shadetree, @toodeep, and @AKATV. thanks again) After i got the front crankcase all back together, following the service manual of course. She has been shifting flawlessly and has never run better. However, since that time, I've been contending with a weird noise issue that has left me scratching my head. To describe it, once the ATV reaches a specific temperature, roughly 2-3 minutes after starting, it starts emitting an irregular "Ting/Tong" sound. This isn't a constant knock or tick; it's quite random and not overwhelmingly loud when the vehicle is running, but still quite noticeable. What's alarming is that when I turn off the ATV and let it cool down, I hear one or, at times, two or three rather loud "Tings" as it cools down. I've attached a recording I made last year when the issue initially arose. This clip was recorded after letting the ATV warm up for a few minutes, followed by a 5-6 minute ride. After parking it, this is the sound I captured. I understand that ATVs tend to make some thermal expansion/contraction noises when parked, but my concern is that these sounds are occurring even during leisurely riding, and when its cooling down it makes a very loud noise, you will hear what i am talking about in the clip. My best guess, based on the location of the sound, is that it might be related to the valve lash? but I am probably way wrong. I've been too worried to engage in any serious riding since the repair last September, so any help you can offer in solving this mystery would be greatly appreciated. PS: if you are able to check out the audio make sure to listen to the entire clip Honda Audio.mp3
  4. Shoot you know what I feel a bit dumb I didn't even think to try using the foot shifter, I will be home in like 25 min and I will give that a try
  5. Hey fellas so I was wanting to get some opinions on whether or not I should remove those clutches before replacing that star wheel, The new part comes in the mail today, The issue I was having when I was trying to remove it the other day was I couldn't get part #12 to clear the clutch sitting above it, it's under spring tension and I can pull it back a little bit it still has like a mm till it clears. So idk if anyone has any advice, I would love to avoid pulling the clutch, I did see someone using a 3 arm puller and hose clamps in place of the puller, but ya I'm rambling any help would be sweet, I'll keep y'all posted, again thank you to everyone for the help
  6. Hey guys thanks for the quick replies, I was able to snap some photos of AKATV do you guys see any Gotcha's you think i might run into I already ordered and used OEM replacement but do you guys think i will even need to remove either of the clutches, I know that the piece (#12) sitting on the top of the star is under pretty decent spring tension. How would you fellas go about it? Ya I looked around the other forums and did some pretty extensive google-fu and wasn't really able to find much about this issue, but to your point Misterclean, I do feel a bit relived after finding this, I wasn't really looking forward to digging into that rear crankcase cover and foot shifter assembly, seems like it might be allot easier when the engine is all the way out but ya, anyway look forward to hearing back . Thanks Again fellas
  7. Hello again sorry for the delay, I travel allot for work. But I just got home desperately need to go to sleep but I was reading through some of the posts on the plane today and wanted to check out the parts 11 & 12 that AKATV had mentioned, But what i ended up finding was what i hope is my issue, so i found one of the little dowels that had busted off from this drum shifter, the rest are intact and the one "Dowel Pin #3" is all there and fine but ya, I just really wanted to post this before my body shuts off, I was able to fish out the sheared off piece, I can post more photos and whatever else in like 8hrs, But maybe y'all fine gentlemen have some experience with this situation, the attached image is from page 9-3 in the Service Manual just FYI. Thanks for the help fellas 😴💤
  8. Just a quick update i just was able to get that shift plate out and their is no cracks or breaks on it
  9. Thank for the quick replies fellas,I finally have a bit of free time to dive into this thing again. So that bolt seems to be tight, I guess my next step would be to remove that shift plate to check for a crack. I dont yet have one of those centrifugal clutch removal tools so If it is a fork like jeepwm69 was saying I have to order one. Also to answer your question Jeep, It has reverse, neutral, and then 1st and 2nd, then when you try and shift up to 3rd its just like nothing their, no grinding noise or whining noise. But I really appreciate your guys help, I will post later if I am able to find anything.
  10. Hello, like the title says My 95 Foreman 400 just randomly stopped shifting past 2nd gear, I have a hard copy of the service manual and I currently have the Front crankcase cover off, getting ready to remove the 2 clutches. But before getting that deep, figured I should ask about this issue I keep seeing pertaining to the Shift Plate cracking and or the bolt that holds the shift plate shearing/ coming loose. Where does the plate normally crack at ? and also is the loose bolt something really obvious, because I did grab the head of that bolt and It felt tight. IDK I guess I'm just hoping to get some more info on the subject. My first thought was to try and message Mr. toodeep, seems like he is the subject matter expert but I have no content or something, so that didn't work. Anyway if anyone has some info for me I would greatly appreciate it Thanks 👍 I am sure most of you already know, but I am talking about bolt #28 and #7 is the Shift Plate
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