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  1. I don’t see the option on this one to only remove a small cover it’s one big cover I’ll check a little bit more in the manual when I get back home but it doesn’t look like I can only remove one small cover
  2. Yeah it jams slightly when it goes all the way to one side seems almost as if the motor keeps trying to force it because something isn’t reading right this might be a dumb question but if the angle sensor isn’t reading right would it do that ? And how hard is it to get to the transfer gear can I get to it by just opening the front of the motor or what is all involved and thank you guys so much for trying to help me I’m new to these Hondas so I really appreciate it
  3. hey i tryed all that still no luck the shift motor keeps jaming to the left side when you look at it from the front of the bike thats with the new angle sensor and if i put the old one back on it slightly jams to the right side doe the angle sensor have to stay right at 0.8ohm? on the one side and 1.2ohm on the other side if its off just a slight bit will that cause it to do this ? the new sensor is reading a bit off too
  4. Ok thank you and yes I do have a multimeter.
  5. I ordered a new OEM angle sensor but just in case I want to know how to test it and as far as the shift motor goes I’m not sure if they put on a new aftermarket one or Honda
  6. And the battery is good I even hook the charger up to it overnight make sure it was full
  7. I put the old angle sensor back on because it seem like it was good or is there a specific way of testing them maybe I’m not testing the angle sensor right
  8. That’s weird I can see them fine on my end
  9. Resent videos IMG_0789.MOV IMG_0788.MOV
  10. That’s the same thing that it says when I try to open the manual and I tested the old one was reading good and yes the old one was from Amazon and I did the test on the wiring checked out ok on less I missed a step or something
  11. For some reason I it won’t let me open the manual for the 2001 too 2002 rubicon
  12. I forget to mention When I put it in D1 or in 1st then start it up it will stay till drive abit then just starts to flash and spits and sputters and when I start it in Neutral it just flashes
  13. Here is a couple videos IMG_0150.MOV IMG_0149.MOV
  14. Thank you From what I can tell it’s code 5 and code 6
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