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  1. Hello everyone my 420 oil pump not pumping oil I have an 2007 Honda rancher 420 and I just put new top end in it set valves and valves where tapping pretty good when I cranked it so I rechecked the valves on the compression choke tdc and it still set I set them to 0.006 intake and 0.008 exhaust that in inch so I thought oil filter must be on backward and no oil getting to top in so took the filter cover off and it was in right so I turned the engine over with that cover off and no oil was pumping out so I went to my other 420 and took its oil cover off and it had oil pumping out of it so idk if my oil pump bad or what or the lines are clogged up I’ve already took front cover off and took oil pump off but it seems to be fine is there anything else I can do that you know of
  2. And don’t want run the engine with no oil getting to top end it making valves sound loud and they are set
  3. You know how test oil pump I took my filter out and no oil coming out into there so I have another 420 took the filter out on it and oil is pumping out of it so took front cover off today and idk how test it and if the pump is clogged how do I test it
  4. I hope it last I’ve put an ton of work into it over the course of an month
  5. There was no up and down movement and little side to side but that’s stock I heard on every Honda my dealer said it was fine so I left it alone and The small end looked fine the new wrist pin slid in fine no play in it at all.
  6. Well got it all back together today we’ll just the heads carb still off so can’t start it I set the valves intake 0.006 and exhaust 0.009 that what I found online but I believe it’s gonna run it went from 30lbs of compression to 150lbs thank you everyone for y’all help I’ll post video of it running when get all together that be tmr
  7. I do t see any problem with bottom end the piston rod is fine no up or down movement the new pin slides right in now I know it has an heat problem and I’m going to figure that out and I’m gonna check oil pump if got one if it bad I’ll replace it I’ve sent the cylinder and piston off to near by ship to get honed and match now I am gonna check the bottom end out tmr ima take it apart just to see what it look like inside hope I don’t find anything bad but we will see
  8. Well I got it out it wasn’t as hard as I thought
  9. I’ll get pick tmr and had cut the piston off because wrist pin is stuck on now got figure out how get it off
  10. I reckon the piston and rings are gone glad I order new ones somehow the cylinder is ok just needs little bit of honing and it be fine idk how this happen
  11. I’ve had 2 mechanics look at it they both told me rings need be replaced I’m not trying be smart but I was was just asking for for more opinions from people idk if they are bent I was told they weren’t but they could be wrong ima buy rings and piston see if it fixes it
  12. It not out of time I took case off and checked that the valves do t seem to be bent and the cam chain is fine check it also I believe it the rings just be safe ima buy the position and gaskets I read somewhere if it don’t change it the valves but it from 30 to 60+ so I strongly believe it the rings but just want make sure before I take it down and replace it I know someone had this happen
  13. Ok my 2007 Honda rancher 420 has 30lbs of compression I put 2 tbsp of oil in spark plug hole and it went to 60+ does that mean I have bad rings and need new ones it on time and valves are set
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