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  1. Yes sir I’ve spent idk how much time searching for a possible answer to be left going well what was the fix 😂 by the way if anyone needs a stator with the cpk for a Foreman 500 4x4 look me up
  2. Okay got it fixed. Got my hands on a more expensive meter to find that my cpk was reading good and I had 200+ V to the coil. Had to check from battery ground to the black/yellow wire to coil to get V so I ran a descent size wire to ground at the coil. Bam running. Hope this may help someone
  3. Okay so can you check this with a fluke that reads millivolts. Or do you have to have the DVA adapter? Book says needs .7v I’m reading .200 with my fluke meter. I’ve replaced the stator with the cpk with a brand new HONDA 200+ dollar one and still reading same .200v. If the the stator is isolated when checking the cpk then poss be my starter not spinning the engine fast enough? Yes battery is showing 13-14v. Because what I’ve read is the cpk sends signal to the CDI which in turns sends to the coil at the plug for it to spark.
  4. Okay I’ve checked wiring from the coil back to the ecm no shorts found. I’ve checked the wires going to the ckp sensor back to the ecu and ecm no shorts found. I’ve checked wires from start button to ecm no shorts found. I’ve checked wires from on/off switch no shorts found. checked grounds at Junction all seem okay. Original prob was carb flooded because pin slid out of bowl broke down in woods. Tried to crank towed back home to find it only sparked at plug when hit start button hold it down wouldn’t spark. Let off start would spark. Now doesn’t spark at all.
  5. Looked a minute ago oil light comes on for a few seconds and goes off.
  6. Forgot to mention I replaced coil that was the first thing I changed. No mice damage I’ll have to check the oil light. I’ll try anything about right now to make it fire 😂
  7. New flywheel new stator new kill switch assembly new CDI new rectifier 🤯 NO SPARK
  8. It’s an ES. Bought stator from Honda dealer. The pick up coil comes with the new stator as it’s in the same plug as the stator. When you check the stator you ohm the yellow wires when you check the pick up coil it’s the little 2 wires in the same plug as the stator
  9. Showing N. Question if you have to unhook stator to check the pick up coil then the stator would be isolated from machine per say? Or could there be something making it not give proper reading while it’s unhooked if so what?
  10. Okay 08 foreman 500 4x4.. tried cranking one day and discovered no spark. So I got a book and my pick up coil in the stator wasn’t putting out .7 v it’s putting out .3. Book says should be .7v so I bought a brand new OEM stator still same issue. I removed my flywheel to see if any issues none found. I’ve noticed that when I check ac power going to the coil at the plug I’m only getting 100+ when I switch the key on then it drops. Parts I’ve replaced are stator spark plug coil kill switch assembly rectifier. Checked grounds what else could it be? Thanks for any info advice
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