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  1. Yep it was gunked up carrier bearings. After that I had a bad connection at the four prong connector near the battery. No spark. Took forever to find but now I have spark. Carb was horrible cleaned out carb a few times due to overflowing (still overflows here and there) and she runs and runs decent although I can't "gun" the throttle or it falls on it's face doesnt do it in higher gears as bad but first and second if I gun it, it will die, I can get in it pretty fast just can't go from nothing to wide open. Figure it's carb/jet related but I honestly don't know. Has had hmf pipe put on since before I bought it more than a few years ago I'm assuming it's jetted it ran great for for a few years then sat for awhile. I counted turn in on af screw (2 1/2) before I took apart and cleaned the first time and after 3 or 4 more times taking the carb off and on it's still seems to be carb related. Talking in circles and frustrated lol.
  2. I originally thought it was in gear as it's hard to hit neutral without it running and the slack also led me to believe it was in gear. Took master link out drive sprocket spun free chain guard was preventing chain from comin off so I put master link back in. I jacked rear end up off the ground and it finally freed up after rocking the axel back and forth ALOT I believe it's just rusty bearings. Will tear down and see.
  3. No play up and down about 1/4" play forward and backwards before it locks up.
  4. Was trying to push this thing into the garage and the rear wheels will not move. Drive sprocket moves so it in N. Took rear caliper off so it's not the brakes. Cannot seem to figure what else could be hung up. Any help is appreciated. Tryna get it going again.
  5. Who's got a 97-21 250 recon? Tryna measure your brake components for me?
  6. Have a couple spares I'd sell for that price lol.
  7. Maybe someone knows if parts 45370-HM8-B41 & 45350-HM8-B41 from a 97 trx250 fit a 87 as well as adjusters and pads from same year. Looks the same but can't find diagrams of dimensions and such anywhere. 🙏
  8. Needing information on the front brakes and interchangeability between years/models as I can not seem to find the cylinder assembly or adjusters for this bike only later models. Maybe a different parts number fits can't find 45350HA8003, 45370HA8003, or 45340HA8003. Only thing I can find is from hub to master cylinder used on eBay for 340$ that's insane. Hopefully there is a cheaper conversion or swap I can do?
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