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  1. Well it has been a while since I got back to tell the status… I purchased a brand new OEM Honda CDI box for about $146 which was really annoying however, this is after trying to Amazon special CDI boxes amongst other aftermarket parts… OEM is the ticket! I put the new CDI box on and the four wheeler has been running for hours whereas before it would shut off without question after about 10 minutes so I am confident to say my problem is solved. So if anybody reading these posts do not buy cheap aftermarket Parts, it is not worth the headache… IOEM thank you guys for all your help
  2. I’ll try again in the morning when it’s cold...thank you sir!
  3. If my connections and wires all look decent- do you think it could still be cdi box? Need baked again? Going bad ?
  4. So probably nothing to do with my issue?
  5. LOL I suppose, however I have my coil disconnected, and I am simply taking a reading by touching both leads of my meter to the two contacts on the coil like the book states? Am I wrong in doing it that way? Either way... I feel like I’m back to square one... I can start it cold, run for a little then zero spark. The only thing that appeared to affect this was when I baked the cdi box, it seemed to run much longer and ran until I developed the no fuel- bad fuel cut relay and pump problem
  6. And just to update... now several hours later long after it is cooled- I have spark again???!!! This is going to drive me insane...
  7. Still not sure that would have to do with my current issue of no spark though?
  8. So this pic shows the green wire ... it’s not directly to cdi box but in the area.. It looks to go to whatever the third pic is of.. looks like maybe the fuel unit ?
  9. Yikes... now I notice there is a black wire with white tracer unconnected in your pic.. I just found same instance in mine- normal? Somebody has done electrical work on this in the past there are a couple different spices and new connectors added to either extend wires that may have been damaged or screwing around trying to figure things out but at face value everything looks tight, I’m gonna start digging a little bit though
  10. So goober... treat me like I’m dumb please LOL... I understand the run switch and the wires your talking but how to I determine wether they have continuity based on having several points of connection along their run?
  11. Both coils are dead ... and yes I’m following the manuals primary coil test- olms test in plug end and green connector point . I get a reading of 0 and the manual I think says it should be .1-.3 or something. Cdi reads HA7 C1537 and no there is still zero spark long after it has cooled down..
  12. Thank you , yes actually I thought that same thing and did rap on it while cranking and still nothing, so my thoughts- and I need the masters input here... is putting an oem coil on first. Then addressing that cdi next ...?
  13. So by the coil failing the primary coil resistance test... you wouldn’t automatically assume the coil is bad? it was brand new off of Amazon . And I don’t have the original coil either, it had been swapped with another Chinese special before I got ahold of it... my neutral light and oil light all work properly and like I said it ran perfectly for about 20 mins and then completely dead with no spark
  14. Ok my genius atv pros I need help again/ still!! So I have baked the cdi, fried and replaced fuel cut relay, replaced fuel pump... boom- fired right up, pump primes( clicks) right when I turn key on then stops and machine fired right off. It just ran for a solid 20 minutes and sounded great... pump would click periodically as normal and I could rev it here and there — all good. And then just like that it died... I am back to no spark! So I went through the books cdi unit inspection with everything passing except the primary ignition coil ... so I go straight to the ignition coil book testing... secondary resistance passses but I have 0.00 on primary coil resistance. It is a new coil - yes off Amazon- but is it as simple as it’s a cheap Chinese coil so it just failed already or is something else throwing it off? Please help!!
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