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  1. It's crazy, I know bunches of folks that run 25" tires on 300 without gear reduction with no problems. Also the tires and rims were brand new from honda....never used until this machine and it started from day one. You think its just too much tire for a stock gear ratio?
  2. up on jacks without tires no problems. i guess it is either, larger tires, same size tires all around, bent rim or unbalanced! Any thoughts?
  3. There is no water in the diff. The teeth of the ring gear nor pinion gear are not rusted. See pictures showing how good the internals are. The only rust is between the ring gear splines and the axle splines. All of the rear drivetrain is good and working smoothly. I guess it is either in the transmission or clutch. Would y'all think clutch plates or clutch weights are worn? Is there anything else to check to hone in on which clutch could be the culprit? Any more adjustment to see where the deficiency is?
  4. I had it off the ground on my atv lift in both 2wd and 4wd (warn 424). It still does the same thing without load on the tires. If I use the original solid shaft it still does the same thing with low rpm and in each gear. It will almost shake it off the jack. No play in the out put shaft from the read of the engine either. I am stumped.
  5. Took off swing arm and the u joint is great. It looks like it did the day it came off the assembly line. Swing arm bearings are tight and good. Pinion it tight and the shaft from pinion to u joint is great as well as the pinon cup of the shaft. Fighting with the axle now. It is stuck in the differential and my 20 ton press won't even push it out.
  6. Hope everyone is doing well today. I am trying to diagnose the issue on my mint 1996 Honda Fourtrax 300 FW 4x4 It is all stock except for having 25" tires on 12" rims. The tires are stock maxxis tires from a foreman. I also added a Warn 424 6 or so years ago and a highlifter yellow spring in the back with the stock shock to help sag. Nothing has ever been done to this bike. Issues: When I am cruising at low rpms (0 to 1/2 throttle) in all gears there is a shudder or shake of the entire four wheeler but seems to be from mid line to back. When I put it on my atv jack it shakes a bunch at same rpms. The swing arm doesn't move when I jack it up and shake it. The intermediate axle from output to transfer case is tight. There are not shavings in the rear differential. The rear wheels don't have any play in the bearings and the axles seem straight. When I go full throttle the issues is not present. I have adjusted the clutch on the side cover to spec and also to only 1/8 clockwise and the issue is still present. No carb issues. Starts easily and donesn't bog due to fuel issues. What would y'all start with now?
  7. I know that I’m just confused at why it had extremely high rpms and then after the cap change it still had it until miraculously it has the other extreme without any changes.
  8. So we put the screw cap from the original carb on the slide tube and it reduced the rpms at idle but still high. my brother in law text me yesterday evening to say that he now has to press throttle to keep it idling. Not sure why it has now gone to the other extreme. I’ll keep y’all posted and thanks as always for the advice.
  9. So if I’m tracking with you, when the slider should be at the same spot when cable is not attached and when cable is attached and throttle screw is all the way out. I think based on that the 2000 recon throttle cable is shorter than 2007 recon throttle cable
  10. I can confirm it’s in there correct. Angled notch is toward the idle screw
  11. Ok so with throttle screw all the way out the slider should rest on bottom of inside. This one has barely any daylight on the cylinder head side. On the intake side it was a larger gap. you think I need to get the 2007 throttle cable and that should rectify the situation
  12. I can confirm that it is exactly that way. Checked it three times.
  13. thats what I was just replying. The choke controls the butterfly valve and the throttle is connected to the slider for needle jet. I thought it might be that the cable was shorter on 2000 vs 2007 cable but when I hooked it up with the original throttle cable the slider was down almost to the bottom on the cylinder head side.
  14. My brother in law bought a 2000 Honda Recon 250 about a year ago that had a Chinese carb on it. I told him he needed to replace it soon. Anyway we final got around to replacing it today. The Honda shop sold us an OEM Honda Carb for the 07-14 Recon because the original carb was no longer available. They assured me it would work. We put a new peacock on and then the new carb. Once we started it up it idled extremely high, like wide open throttle. I adjusted the idle screw all the way out and it didn’t change the idle. If you pull the choke halfway it’ll idle right. I sprayed carb cleaner around the intake boot and there was no change to idle. I’ve never had a brand new OEM carb from in the sealed bag have issues. Any ideas what could be causing this?
  15. welcome firsttimer. You have come to the right place and should receive great support and advice here.
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