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  1. So I just finished replacing cam etc. and it runs like a champ
  2. When replacing cam do I pull the jug and replace that gasket also it just swap cam and replace head gasket?
  3. Intake cam lobe is gone and lifter cup worn. what’s the best cam and part kit to get this job done and give this thing alittle more performance? I obviously need cam, lifter cups and gaskets but other than that what should I get? Do I need head gasket too? Anything performance be worth it? Do I get the rear cam retainer bearing and chain too or just throw a cam and cups in and call it a day? Let me know best part supplier so I can order this crap asap. Thank guys
  4. IMG_4234.MOV No faster than 25 in 2nd and no more than 30 in 3rd manual and in auto it’ll downshift into second if I full throttle never changes or goes faster
  5. No faster than 25 in manual 2nd and no more than 30 in 3rd manual and in auto it’ll downshift into second if I full throttle I ran it without muffler and without air filter and no change.
  6. It’s not a rev limiter issue it just plain has no balls and flattens out and doesn’t spit or sputter or go over 30 or have any throttle feel after 1/4 throttle. The engine revs up in neutral and sounds perfect🤔 I put a complete fuel pump in today and it didn’t change anything but what I noticed is in 3 gear when I have it floored going 25-28 it downshifts into second but only when I throttle to full if I leave throttle low then it stays in 3rd but as soon as I throttle down it drops to 2nd.
  7. The speedo seems to work but I’m not sure if there’s a seperate speed sensor for ecu. I’ll have to research the speed limiter operation
  8. Yes I have ran it with the air box removed. I’ve replaced every part replaceable with no change. Just threw a throttle position sensor on today and it did nothing. New injector, new fuel filter, plug, wire and coil, clean and lubricated IACV, there’s no throttle after 1/4 is like there’s no power gain. Compression is 135psi and I relashed valves but they were already right on. Rockers look to be moving as they should. Takes right off decent but just doesn’t gain much at all after 10mph and peters out at 30 going 400 ft and then trans downshifts weird.
  9. I pulled the iacv off, inspected and lubricated with no change in performance
  10. It always does it, I put a fuel gauge inline before injector and was getting 52psi running in park. but I’ve saw in the service manual it should only be 40-44psi but I’ve also saw elsewhere it say 50-55 so I don’t know. I do know that the new spark plug is black but it’s not smoking at all
  11. I rechecked compression and got 135psi 👍
  12. I thought 70 psi was ok per the service manual due to the decompression cam mechanism used.
  13. Compression was around 70 cranking and I haven’t checked the timing. I keep looking for something simple because my neighbor is 72 and never beat on it or took it through mud. It’s always sat in his garage and he only used it for yard work. I’ll have to look into the process of checking timing
  14. 2007 Honda Rincon 680 w only 500miles 200hours and looks like new that I bought off older neighbor, Very clean. started and seemed to run just fine then when I hit full throttle it was gutless. wont even go 30mph, it does seem to breakup ignition wise and bog. When driving down road it’ll barely hit 30 and runs rough. im a mechanic and I’ve checked these items no codes no f1 light on New plug Coil and wire look like new and I replaced which made no difference Ran w Air filter off and it looks very clean anyway Checked fuel pressure 52psi running Also checked fuel injector and seems fine Clean new fuel Tested 5v ref and return signal from TPS and it seems to Coincide with throttle movement. Pulled muffler rear spark arrestor piece off and looked clean Checked compression 135psi I check valve lash and reset but it was to spec, Also watched rocker arm movement and cam lobes seem fine. Trans shifts fine and it’s a very clean machine, engine oil looks perfect and has always ran synthetic. where do I go from here? it revs right up and does break up alittle free revving it and idles nice but has no power. Neighbor confirmed it’s not running like it should he said he’s had it over 60mph before. Let me know if f you have any suggestions thanks
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