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  1. welcome!!!! This place is awesome!!!
  2. Well, looks like unless I can find a reman oem one that's my option That cast aluminum being thin worries me, Why on earth do they not grease them? That is just asking for trouble with no lubrication, all of these cheap parts don't last half as long as the oem it seems, maybe I can find a reman oem one somewhere. I'll start my search and see how I fare. Thanks for the grease pointer, I can't believe they don't have any lubrication in these things.
  3. I'm going to definitely replace it, they aren't expensive so I really don't mind it, I'm prepared to put some money in it to get it back to it's prime, any idea I can find out what year it is?
  4. Yeah I'm going to pull it and just replace it, it's been in there an extrememly long time
  5. Well, that might be why it doesn't work lol😄 that's why I couldn't wait to post the pics, I knew you guys would notice things.
  6. h Here are some pics of my project recon...can't wait to dig into it
  7. Thanks guys!!! Glad to be here!!!!!!!
  8. Will do, I appreciate the advice!!!
  9. Yup I wold never buy that crap from Amazon, better off burning money , here is the starter I was refrencing. https://www.dbelectrical.com/products/honda-atv-starter-recon-trx250-fourtrax-trx250ex-and-others.html
  10. Sorry, I should have included absolutely everything I did beforehand, I have new gas in there already and I have checked the fuel line and it's well in tact with no blockages, I will grab one of those rebuild kits, I've never rebuilt one before but I am confident in my ability to do it as long as I take my time. i found the starter for 37 bucks, and yes an oil change is definitely on my list because I don't know when the last time this stuff was changed. and yeah, Thank you for your help!! I will report back as I have time to do the repairs, more than likely on weekends.
  11. It fires but it backfires occasionally, the boot won't go on that new e3 plug I bought so i may have jumped the gun, I didn't think it would make a difference but the top of that plug vs the ngk is a bit bigger and the boot will not do anything but sit on top of it where the old plug it snapped down on, but yes it will crank if i spray some starter fluid in the carb. It seems really cold natured though because I have to throttle it to warm it up. I see there is a fuse behind the solenoid, I must have missed it, will the solenoid not spark if the fuse is blown?
  12. First off let me start by saying I am a complete noob to this area of my life, I have been given a TRX250 Recon that was running at the time by being able to pull start, however, I want to fix the push button on here and that is what brings me to this forum, I turn the key, and the Neutral light comes on, I press the switch and it dims which tells me there is power there, next, in the line of troubleshooting, I try and jump the solenoid and I get nothing, not even a minor spark, I even banged on the starter slightly o see if I could knock anything loose a bit but I got nothing, I pulled the spark plug and looked at it and replaced it with an e3 spark plug but the boot doesn't act like it wants to fit, so I've already made my first mistake, so my first question is, Do you have to have a new boot to run an e3 plug or should i just go buy another ngk one? second, should I replace the solenoid first? or just go ahead and do the starter? Sorry if this post is all over the place I just really don't know where to start. Thank you in advance. also, thanks for the invite Shadetree!!!!!!!!!
  13. Shadetree invited me to join you all here to get help with my new well,(New to me) Honda Recon TRX250 Tha nks for having me! I am glad to be here!!
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