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  1. Alright, so I found the problem and solved it like it should. Thanks all for your help. I now have a working quad and 2 happy children’s. The fuse harness wasn’t secured and was rubbing on the battery. I cut the wire until the copper was clean and solder a new wire, heat shrink it and used wear resistant tape. Electronic shift is working flawless now!
  2. Hi @retro, I finally got my foreman back. So I tested what you asked. I’m not getting any dc voltage between red/yellow and and green on the connector side. Also after sending 12V directly to the green/red wire and orange wire on the connector side. Motor tried to shift gear. At this point, I would think that I need to confirm continuity between 5p connector red/yellow to the fuse holder since fuse is good and test ground frame to green wire. thank you!
  3. Hi retro I’m waiting to get my quad back. I’m getting the frame rebuilt due to heavy rust damage. I should be able to reply Tuesday. Thank you
  4. Hi Retro, yes I am using a oem Honda angle sensor. I will do what you said and get back to you asap. Thanks for your time trying to help me out.
  5. I do have the emergency shift and it works great, I don’t think it’s an internal issue since I can’t get the motor to work or even trying.
  6. Sorry, I replaced the shift motor with an oem Honda motor. I am getting a 3 flash neutral error code, shift motor is not even trying to engage. Previous shift motor was burnt.
  7. I did all this when I changed the motor. Really great post he made. But this is not the answer to my issue unfortunately
  8. I would prefer an oem fix. But the sensor I got from Honda seems defective, correct me if I’m wrong. I don’t get any resistance between pin 1 to 3 and 5 VDC dont change when I turn the sensor. I can get a new sensor in 2-3 weeks. I made a post and didn’t get much help unfortunately, I can wait, i bought this quad for my kids. I would prefer an oem fix 100%.
  9. They don’t have any in stock and can’t contact them on eBay. Looks like they are either closed or don’t exist anymore.
  10. Hi, I need a ES bypass harness kit for my foreman 500 2005-2006. I’m from canada ans I’ll pay the shipping fee’s + extra money for your time. I need it rush please. Got a defective oem sensor from Honda and they are now B/O. Thank you
  11. I’m going to make myself a bypass if I fail to fix it the right way. I’m an oem type of guy and I like to know all my stuff is fixed like it was born. But worst case I’ll do that 🙂
  12. My foot shift works, the es is not working. Motor is not even trying to move. I’m assuming either ecm or switch but I’d like to be able to diagnose before I keep spending money here and there. Previous owner burned the shift motor by putting grease in the brush motor. His skills was definitely not so great. im not suspecting any mechanical issues inside the trans but I’ll keep this in mind if it’s having issues to engage gears after I fix the ES.
  13. Previous owner was actually using the manual shift all the time thinking it was good to do. Thanks for your help by the way
  14. Just found the service manual, yeah manual shift works and gear display will show the correct gear it’s in.
  15. Hey guys, I have a Honda foreman 500 2005. Of course the electric shift didn’t work when I bought it last week. I had the angle sensor error code which I replaced, then no error code but still wouldn’t shift. I diagnosed the motor, resistance was good but when i opened the motor, it was burnt. I replaced the motor and still having issues. No error code, motor is not even trying, 30amp ( motor ) fuse is good. anyone has an idea or has the electrical diagram for the electric shift please. next step is to diagnose up/down switch and ecm.
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