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  1. How do I figure out the right size that I need?
  2. How is the best way to repair a stripped bolt in the valve cover I took it off to inspect the rockers then it stripped going back together
  3. Oh one more question I broke the wire going to be bowl heater is that something that I need to fix?
  4. I will now that I got it straight again thanks a ton for the help!
  5. Didn't get a ngk but it fixed it thanks a ton a lot of help!
  6. I'm at parts store now getting new plugs I didn't tell you but I bought a cheap tune up kit on ebay off brand plug
  7. I don't have a good way to check compression but seems to have compression spray the carb and still won't kick off not real sure how to check timing
  8. Got spark and fuel no start
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