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  1. I haven’t neglected this post, just been ! at work here recently. When I get back to it I’ll update.
  2. Oh it’s completely together but isn’t nothing but taking some bolts out to get to the parts I need. I will try to tackle it Wednesday or Thursday when I’m off!
  3. Would it not be easier to remove the gas tank to get too?
  4. Yes I meant R, 1, 2, and 5th. I believe I have a bad connection somewhere. The lights, reverse and Neutral will sometime flicker or be really dim. And I have done every test on the manual except for testing the actual buttons on the handle bars. I haven’t removed the gas tank yet to get to that plug but I’m thinking that’s where the problem is. All other continuity or voltage tests on all sensors are within range and when hooking 12v up to the ES motor I can hear it run. I replaced the sensor with one from Amazon so yea that could also be the problem.
  5. I did check the gear switch for proper output and everything was in spec according to the repair manual. The relay was corroded but I swapped it with another known working relay and the same thing happens. now the lights are off but the electric shift still doesn’t work properly. I was working on it now in the brakes and flushing replacing the front and rear diff. That should be done today and I’m going back after the ES. min order to get to the shift switch plug, I’ve read from the manual, you have to remove the gas tank or prop it up to access the plugs. Also, when using dielectric grease do you use it sparingly or do you use a lot inside the plug?
  6. 98 450 Foreman ES. Back story, just bought it and it was sitting in the weather for 5+ years. Got it running and previous owner said electric shift didn’t work. purchased new angle sensor. Put it on and got the dreaded R light and N light on. done all testing per the repair manual/service manual. got to the testing picture I added below and made a mistake so started over just to be safe. Plugged everything back up and now the R and N light are off with the reading of N, 1, and 5. So just unplugging some things and plugged them back in the lights went off but the ES still doesn’t work. during this testing when I got the lights on I unplugged the relay and the lights went off and the N light came on. Plugged the fuse back in the lights came back on. I wasn’t able to test the actual switch on the handle bar yet( ran out of time of day). But is it possible that the handle bar switch is bad since it sat in the weather? During diagnosing everything and I did find a cut wire on the gear position switch plus water in the plug. Cleaned and repaired the wire. All relays are good and all fuses are good. I’m stumped.
  7. This man I can vouch for 100%. Very fast turn around time and excellent customer service. Always kept me up to date on the progress and even shipping! thank you so much for all your help!
  8. I need your information as well need a meter repaired! Thank you
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