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  1. I will do that, sir. Thank You!
  2. Well, I took the cover off the speedometer and I do have voltage up there so it looks like I'll be searching for another dash. It does look like it has had water in it before. Thank you for all the help and advice and being patient with me diagnosing this problem. I am electrical illiterate but learning more as I go. Once again, thank you all and I will bookmark this site for future reference,
  3. I definitely have 11.7 volts on red and black using green as ground.
  4. I think I've got 11.7 volts on red and black on harness side. It's really hard to see up under there. I probably need to take all the plastics off again to be sure. Should it be volts on red and black?
  5. Back again. 11.77 on black. 0 on red. I had it wrong the first time. Checked it twice with new volt meter.
  6. I shall return shortly. Have to run up to AutoZone to get a new volt meter. This one is acting up. Yes key is on. I think it is my volt meter. I'll be back.
  7. 11.87 on red wire. 0 on black wire
  8. Where is that small rectangular plug with the black, red and green wire that you show in your pics. I don't have a small rectangular plug like that, or if I do, I'm looking in the wrong place.
  9. Yes, I'm working on new pics. Bare with me.... I can't see the last pics you sent.
  10. Yes, I'm working on new pics. Bare with me.... I can't see the last pics you sent.
  11. My ATV is a Honda Rancher 2002 TRX 350 FE ES
  12. This is straight out of my dash
  13. Ok, let me go snap a couple of pics right quick.
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