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  1. It’s like it’s not letting enough fuel flow down to the carburetor, but nothing it’s stopped up from all we’ve tested
  2. Taking apart the carburetor now to see if something from the tank went down in it. The floats in the carb aren’t doing their job anymore because it leaking gas out to the run off hose
  3. Ok so this is going to sound weird, but blowing in the hose to the gas cap seems to keep it running on top end, like it needs pressurizing.
  4. What would be the ideal main jet for me to use with the set up i have: 440big bore kit stage 3 hotcam ported heads. slip on HMF pipe
  5. 450 had its own cap. I ran it with the cap on and off. Ran it with a bottle too and it still has the issue. Had a vent cut in the bottle and everything. Could it be electrical, like in the stator and firing?
  6. 450 tank with a bigger petcock and it’s till starving for fuel. It runs the bowl out in top end
  7. I’m going to put a 450 tank on it tomorrow and see what happens. I haven’t tried actually riding with the gas cap off. Then I’ll try a bottle, and then I’m putting a small fuel pump on it. I have to get this problem figured out
  8. Well guys, the new petcock still didn’t do the trick. I’m still starving for fuel on top end. 😞
  9. I’ll definitely keep y’all posted. Hopefully the new petcock solves it. If not, i have a little fuel pump from Advanced Auto I’m going to slap on there. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  10. But, running it until it shut off and turning the gas off and seeing that the bowl was empty is definitely telling us that is a fuel issue. Thanx for that tip Slammed Ranger
  11. Thanx for all the input guys, i actually went ahead an ordered a new OEM Petcock and I’m going to try that once it comes in. I have a clear fuel line on there so i can see that the fuel is passing through there smoothly and it is not crimped. I ran it on jack stands to watch the fuel run through the line in all gears. Shot in the dark, could it be anything electrical or have to do with the fire. I have a brand new plug in it (was doing the same thing with the previous plug).
  12. I ran it on reserve and on on, each time it cut off i immediately turned the gas off and it’s running the all the fuel out of the bowl
  13. Filter on the petcock looked good. It’s not clogged. All the screws in the slide arm are tight. I just ran it until it died and turned the gas off. Opened the drain bowl and almost nothing came out
  14. Yes OEM Honda carburetor. The one i took off was OEM as well, that’s why i got a new one to see if that was the issue
  15. Yes i have the lid off, that was one of the first things i tried. That’s the only thing I’ve done with the air system
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